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I’m Alissa Wilbur! Author and Parenting/Lifestyle Blogger at www.batblifestyle.com ~ I'm a mother, writer, crafter, designer and lover to a rocket scientist. I enjoy eating donuts, fashion, photography, kindness, espresso, reading happy books, making forts with my toddler on the living room floor, going on adventures and dancing around the kitchen.
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December 21, 2014 | 05:56 PM
We all know how much I love snapping pictures of Harper! Editing, now that's taken patience and practice! Photo editing programs can be EXPENSIVE but today I wanted to share a few of my secrets with you! ...more>>

Flying with a Toddler. Tips + Tricks!

June 30, 2014 | 07:25 AM
Let's be honest. It's something we dread up until it's over with. DONE. Traveling with a toddler can be a very challenging, hair pulling experience but it also can be easy breezy with just a few simple ...more>>

Trunk Show: Jamie Lee Boutique

June 20, 2014 | 07:56 AM
Friday's here! Let's celebrate with a Trunk Show this weekend, shall we? BATB Lifestyle's sweet Sponsor, Jamie Lee Boutique is a truly chic online boutique filled with clothing & accessories! Specializing ...more>>

Summer Fun: Strawberry Patch!

June 20, 2014 | 07:51 AM
We recently took a trip to Noblesville, to the Strawberry Patch for the first time this season and we had SO much fun! Harper is a strawberry eating machine so this was a dream come true to this tiny ...more>>

VONBON Apparel Giveaway!

April 16, 2014 | 04:00 PM
Today my sponsor VONBON is giving away THREE $50 Store Credits to their shop on BATB Lifestyle! They are officially restocked for Spring and ready to sell out of EVERYTHING yet again! We have fallen so ...more>>

Freshly Picked Moccasin GIVEAWAY!

April 08, 2014 | 01:16 PM
This week Freshly Picked is giving away THREE pairs of Moccasins to THREE lucky BATB Lifestyle readers! That could be YOU! or you! or you! and even YOU! What better way to celebrate Spring and just in ...more>>

Mini + Mama Saltwater Sandal GIVEAWAY!

March 24, 2014 | 09:31 PM
We're finally home from Spring Break! Michael and I decided that we'd stick to sandals and shorts for our trip back to Indiana in hopes that the warm weather would follow suit but the joke was on us! ...more>>

Read and Do: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie!

March 06, 2014 | 08:25 AM
Spending hours in the kitchen is nothing new for Harper and me! I grew up with my hair on the top of my head while wearing a messy apron, standing alongside my grandmothers and mother. I've had the pleasure ...more>>

Toddler Chores

February 27, 2014 | 09:19 AM
When Harper was old enough to walk it was so exciting to introduce her to becoming a "big helper" around the house. Now that she's almost 3 years old, her chore list has grown tremendously and it's been ...more>>

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