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Honored Heroes of the Indiana Chapter of Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Amanda Fagan

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For me, as a mother of two little ones, I am in complete awe of these parents' strength; their experience very much puts into prospective what we face on a daily basis as parents. Being a parent provides the opportunity to be selfless and make decisions that are not always easy or emotionless. To add to this, Maeve and Zaki have siblings, which means mom and dad were not only faced with focusing on their medical needs, but making sure their other children's needs were also being met. I have had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with Kathleen and Brian Bigelow, as well as Zaki's parents, Sobia Khan and Shariq Siddiqui. Both Zaki and Maeve's family have each been very compassionate about sharing their story and engaging with our candidates who are running for Man and Woman of the Year; each providing positive energy on this 10 week campaign.

Zaki, now 5, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), the most common form of childhood leukemia, on November 14, 2010. He is in remission as of May 2013! Zaki has an older brother and sister, Fatima Khan and Amal Siddiqui and a younger brother, Safaa Siddiqui. He loves horses, enjoys playing soccer and watching movies. He and his family are honored to serve as the 2014 Boy of the Year. Maeve, now 4, was diagnosed with ALL on August 17, 2011. Her last treatment was on October 21, 2013. Maeve has two sisters, Nuala and Aoife. She enjoys going to school, playing with Disney princesses, painting and dancing. Maeve's family is thankful for the work that each candidate does so that LLS can keep helping to make a difference so that the cure for ALL can go from 95% to 100%!

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