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Raising Eco-Friendly Kids

Simple ideas to encourage "being green" in your home

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"Being green should be the natural mode of our existence," Poyser says. "We have too long been disconnected from the ecological footprint, and we are now paying the price with pollution and climate change. There is no bad time to start participating in the healing of our relationship to nature."

Foster your child's love of nature by giving them a portion of the back yard and allowing them the freedom and responsibility to manage the space. They can plant flowers or vegetables, build a fort or simply let their imaginations run wild. You may be amazed at what your child will do with a little green space of their own.

Try some of these fun activities to get kids out and enjoying nature:
  • Plant a butterfly garden and watch the insects flock to your yard.
  • Make a bird feeder out of used plastic containers.
  • When possible, walk or ride a bike instead of driving.
  • Make compost out of table scraps and have fun preparing an "earthworm picnic."
  • Install a rain barrel and use it to water the garden.
  • Volunteer to help clean a park or river.

    "A person's a person, no matter how small." - Horton Hears a Who

    Children – and parents too, for that matter – may feel that their efforts are too small to make a difference against a challenge as big as saving the environment. But there are many things families can do that really add up to significant change. "There are so many resources out there to go green, pick one area, then go for it," Poyser says. "You'll save money, become healthier and happier and that will inspire you to tackle another activity."

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    You can celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day (Tuesday, April 22) by contributing to reforestation efforts in Indiana. The Indiana Tree Project is a statewide initiative managed by the Indiana Natural Resources Foundation and Indiana Department of Resources Division Of Forestry. The goal is to plant one million new trees in Indiana by 2016. Each $10 donation receives a TreeID so donors know exactly where their tree is planted and can visit the site. Visit www.theindianatreeproject.org for more information.

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