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What Grown-ups Should Know About Preschool

Quality programs set children up for future success

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The importance of high-quality preschool education does not lie in teaching kids how to read, spell and calculate earlier, but in preparing them how to think, control themselves and get along with others so they can learn in a classroom setting. This kind of investment in early education for all Indiana children seems like a no-brainer.

Developmental psychologist Jessica Beer and cognitive psychologist Tonya Bergeson-Dana combine their real world experience as mothers with their professional training as researchers to provide parents with a practical way to apply the most current findings in childhood development research to their everyday life. Jessica and Tonya are also co-founders of The Urban Chalkboard playcafe, and welcome questions and feedback from readers at a href=mailto:experiencematters@theurbanchalkboard.com>experiencematters@theurbanchalkboard.com.

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