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Building Blocks of Early Learning

The educational philosophies of different preschool approaches

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Self-regulation is a powerful indicator of school readiness. Social and emotional development is also one of the core components of the Foundations program. Lowe states, "Children need to be given opportunities to learn self-control and to learn that it's okay to make mistakes. Children need to be surrounded by adults who love them unconditionally and allow them to be children, not little adults. Let them run, play, make noise and get dirty."

This is why preschool is so important, say educators. Children learn best through experiencing the world around them. While they are playing, they're learning how to share their toys and to work together to clean up. "Preschool is very important in terms of social skill building," says Paul. "They have to learn how to navigate social situations and problem solve."

The preschool experience can be a wonderful first learning environment for your child. By learning about the foundation and philosophy of the various schools available, you can choose the best option that aligns with your own priorities for your child and your family.

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