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Mason's Cause

Infant Loss Support: One Place. Endless Hope.

November 01, 2011
The idea for Mason's Cause Inc came shortly before my son's funeral.

My son, Mason, died in his sleep with no warning just after midnight on March 5, 2011. He was 4-months-old. Before going to bed I leaned over to kiss my son goodnight and found that his lips were blue and he was unresponsive. Suddenly my husband and I found ourselves entrenched in the pain of such a sudden loss with no idea how to plan a funeral, or how to move on.

With over 50 web browsers running at once, my husband, Bryce, and I were frustrated with how difficult it was to find helpful information. Every Web site seemed to contain one piece of the "Infant Loss Support" puzzle, but no site contained everything we needed in one place.

We chose to have Mason cremated, and as we sat to plan the funeral service, we were told that if we could not afford an urn then we would be given a "polyurethane bag" containing his remains.

At that moment, the overwhelming build up of emotions that I had been holding back was released, and with my frustration and desperate need for resources came what is now known to most as Mason's Cause Inc.

Little did I know that in the months to come, I would be catapulted into a world where infant loss was a subject avoided like the plague, people expected me to be "over it" a mere month after the funeral, and no one ever considered the horror of enduring such a tragic loss and it's effects on daily life.

Mason's Cause is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing families and friends with the information and resources they need immediately if they find themselves suffering the ultimate tragedy- infant loss.

The Mason's Cause Web site, www.masonscause.org, is divided into two major sections.

"Surviving Tragedy" is our short compilation of resources for families needing assistance for the immediate aftermath of losing their child. This section includes resources to aid with funeral planning, autopsies, milk production, and how to say goodbye.

"Hope and Healing" is divided into subcategories including "For Parents", "For Siblings" and "For Friends". It is here that we provide resources for healing, ways to help, and ways to continue living. We provide remembrance ideas, as well as links to Web sites providing keepsakes to honor lives lost.

The cornerstone of our organization is our Bereavement Grant Program. This program allows families to give their infant a funeral service to honor their life. Without our help, some families would not be able to have a funeral service for their infant simply because they couldn't afford it.

Our grant program is funded through the generous donations of our supporters, in addition to proceeds of Mason's Cause merchandise, online auctions on our Facebook page, local car washes, and the proceeds from select online boutiques.

The difference between Mason's Cause and other organizations is that most focus on research efforts or prevention efforts. We put the focus where it needs to be, on the families enduring the most unimaginable tragedy and how to help them cope with the "now".

We offer support to families who have endured any loss from a miscarriage to the loss of an infant 12 months of age, regardless of cause.

My hope is that you will never need our services. However, current data shows that Infant Mortality takes approximately 78 infant lives per day in the United States alone. With statistics like that, chances are you will need services like ours at some point; whether for yourself, a family member or a friend. And now you have a place to go if you ever need us.

Visit Mason's Cause on Facebook at www.facebook.com/masonscause or at www.masonscause.org.

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Founder & President of Mason's Cause

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