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10 Fun Crafts to do with Kids


September 2013

1. Homemade bugs! Keep an empty egg carton, cut egg slots into groups of one, two, three, and four, flip them upside down and paint them. After poking some pipe cleaners into the sides for legs, this fun project for the kiddos will be complete with a pair of googly eyes and pipe cleaner antennas! Great for making spiders, caterpillars, ants, and more!

2. Homemade play dough! 3cups flour, 1/3-cup salt, 2tbsp oil (veg), 1cup water, 7 drops food coloring. Mix dry ingredients with oil. Add food coloring to water and mix together. Finally, add water to flour/salt/oil mixture slowly about 1/4 cup at a time and mix together with a spoon. Once you've added all the water, knead the dough with your hands!

3. Rain sticks! Have you had rain for about a week, but now it's gone? To fill the void of the soothing rain, create your own rhythm! Take some old paper towel rolls and tape the ends shut after putting some rice inside. Then let your kids decorate the outsides however they'd like!

4. Homemade crayons! 1st step, peel the wrappers off of old crayons, 2nd step, sort the crayons into colors, 3rd step, put the chopped up crayons into silicon molds (can be found at Michael's). Bake at 275 degrees for 20 minutes until the crayons have turned into liquid. Swirl the crayons around with a toothpick to mix, and finally wait for the crayons to dry!

5. T-shirt bracelets and anklets! Simply cut thin strips of old t-shirts of all colors and braid the strips together to make fun, multi-colored bracelets and anklets! Either hot glue gun the ends together or tie them into a knot! Perfect for girls and boys!

6. Homemade fishing pole! 1st step, go outside and pick a stick, 2nd step, wrap yarn around the stick so that it looks like fishing line (hang as many as you want, about 2 to 3 feet long), finally, punch holes into the tops of cardboard/paper fish cutouts to string the yarn through! This way, little ones are able to feel like they are fishing with mom and dad!

7. Bean balloons! Fill empty balloons with small beans, tie them shut, and add faces to them with construction paper and sharpies! This will create a squishy, make-believe-friend for your kiddos!

8. Homemade stained glass! With all different colors of wax paper, glue them together and make a mosaic looking, "stained glass" window hanging. When this is taped onto a window in your home, it will look like stained glass, especially when it's colored with marker designs!

9. Sock snakes! Fill a long white sock with small beans, or rice and tie off the end! Next, decorate the sock with a face to look like a snake (use markers, googly eyes, construction paper, etc.). This toy craft will attract many ages and all genders because it is soft and easy to play with!

10. Family tree! On a large piece on construction paper/poster board, create your family tree by using cut pictures for the faces, buttons for the leaves, and brown paint for the branches! Put the grandparents at the top of the tree, the parents in the middle, and the grandkids on the bottom for the whole family tree look!

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