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Test Your Family's Skills with an Adventure Vehicle Challenge

At-home activity provided by The Children's Museum

March 2012

At The Children's Museum we are gearing up for the opening of LEGO® Travel Adventure! In this temporary exhibit, visitors will be asked "Where do you want to go?" and "How will you get there?" Using LEGO bricks, children and their families will build vehicles to challenge their imagination and creativity to go to some fantastic destinations!

In the Family Programs department we create programs for the entire family that tie into our museum exhibits. In celebration of LEGO Travel Adventure, we will be hosting a LEGO® Late Night program on March 31. Families will have the opportunity to take part in the Adventure Vehicle Challenge and create their ultimate adventure vehicle from LEGO bricks. You can do this same project at home with your family!

Adventure Vehicle Challenge

In the Adventure Vehicle Challenge, work in teams with your family to plot a destination and create the vehicle that will you get there.

Items Needed:

• A map or globe

• LEGO bricks – use either the same set of bricks for each team or take turns drawing from one pile.

Step 1: Where will you go? Close your eyes and point to a location on a globe or map.

Step 2: How will you get there? Identify your starting location and your destination. What's in between? What will your vehicle need to do to get you from your house to your destination – fly, drive, float or all three?

Step 3: What will you build? Work together to use as many of the LEGO bricks as possible to build one vehicle that can traverse across all your terrains in order for you to arrive at your destination!

The winning creation is up to you! It can be the team that finishes first or have someone in your family take turns acting as judge to determine the winning vehicle based on functionality and creativity. Your vehicle is determined only by your bricks and imagination!

Keep in mind age appropriateness when playing with LEGO bricks. You can adapt this activity to engage different age levels by using DUPLO blocks instead of the standard size LEGO bricks and working in teams to help younger family members with their creation.

Nicole Schoville is the Family & Neighborhood Programs Coordinator

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