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April 2012

The iPad and other smart technologies are helping some kids with autism break barriers. Countless apps exist -- good, bad and ugly ones. Here are a few that may be worth checking out.

ABC Tracer shows how to write letters with strokes in the right order on traditional red-blue guiding lines. It provides feedback when the user does either right or wrong strokes. (Free)

Aeir TALK, created by a dad of two boys with autism, enables children to practice language skills using customized flash cards. A family can quickly provide their own images, captions, and voices for each verb and noun flash card. ($9.99)

All About Me Storybook by I Get It helps users learn personal information through picture, text and audio support. ($2.99)

AutismXpress encourages people with autism to recognize and express emotions through a fun and user-friendly interface. (Free)

Injini: Child Development Game Suite by NCsoft offers meaningful play to young kids who need to practice fine motor and language skills, cause and effect, spatial awareness, memory, and visual processing. ($49.99)

Look in My Eyes app series by FizzBrain helps people with autism practice eye contact while building a virtual restaurant, driving a steam train, filling a playroom with toys, building a dinosaur zoo, and more. ($1.99 and $2.99)

Proloquo2Go by AssistiveWare is a full-featured communication app that uses natural sounding text-to-speech voices to help people communicate with others in the community. ($189.99)

See Me Go Potty by Avakid allows users to create a cartoon avatar that resembles their child. The layout is free of distractions so the child will be focused on watching himself use the potty. ($4.99)

VAST Autism 1 – Core app by SpeakinMotion combines video modeling with written words and auditory cues to help people speak for themselves. ($4.99)

Voice4u is an augmentative and alternative communication app that helps individuals express wants and needs. ($49.99)

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