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Be Creative this February

Be Creative this February
February 2013

When I was a young mom and had six children going in six different directions, February was my toughest month. It may be only 28 days long but because of extreme temperatures and the flu season, we all spent more time inside and had a tendency to get "cabin fever".

I know we have Valentine's Day this month to make cards and cookies for special people, but what can we do that is different day-in and day-out for fun? Here are a few ideas:

*Have a kids' scavenger hunt. Give five clues and have rules that make the clues easy to find without turning the house upside down. Make sure that the "pot of gold" is worth looking for, like a favorite card game or board game.

*Try a white elephant sale. Meet at a certain hour with something in your closet or drawers you're willing to trade. Hide these prizes in a pillowcase and place them in the middle of the living room floor. Take turns choosing a pillowcase and laughing at your new possession—and arranging a trade for making beds or unloading the dishwasher.

*Do a family project. Make a scrapbook about 2012 with family highlights from the year.

*Have the kids knit squares and stitch them together for a throw. I have noted that both boys and girls are currently knitting. This project lets children appreciate the dexterity it takes to create a scarf or square.

*Make dinners a time to express or recite something the kids have learned or memorized that day. I am amazed at how easily children memorize poems and Bible verses. Share their enthusiasm for learning by making them feel extra special at dinnertime.

*Although kids text their friends constantly, try to teach your children the thoughtfulness of calling their grandparents on the phone to brighten their day.

*Clean out closets and drawers and donate to Goodwill or Teachers' Treasurers by taking old backpacks, lunch boxes, notebooks and clothes to the organizations that recycle items for kids in need. If possible, go as a family and experience the joy of giving and sharing with others.

I would love to compile a list of the creative projects you do with your children to have fun and prevent cabin fever. Please send your ideas to me at Barbara Wynne: bb@thewynnes.com.

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