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BYOT: Bring Your Own Technology

Brebeuf students choose their own learning tools

BYOT: Bring Your Own Technology
March 2013

Encouraging high school students to make wise choices can be challenging. At Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School, the administration addresses student choice as it relates to technology in a unique manner.

D. Ferries-Rowe, Chief Information Officer, and Jen LaMaster, Director of Faculty Development, began work on a student-centered technology approach known as one to one, bring your own technology (1:1 BYOT) in 2009. The concept is simple – students personally choose their own device, access the learning tools that best meet their needs, evaluate the effectiveness of their choices and continually make necessary adjustments.

Brebeuf's model shifts the focus away from a single, specific technological approach to problem solving. It also promotes a sense ownership from students which can lead to thoughtful choices both in and out of the classroom.

LaMaster explains, "1:1 BYOT allows the faculty to meet students where they are academically, focus on context, provide experiences and encourage reflection. The adults are engaged in the learning process alongside the students instead of being the technology experts."

She goes on to report that student performance continues to increase as the use of technology is no longer seen as passive. "It's not about the device, but the learning that results from the use of it," she stated.

To learn more about the 1:1 BYOT philosophy, and to read about Brebeuf's recent eSchool of the month award, visit www.eschoolnews.com/2013/01/04/eschool-news-january-2013/

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