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Stealth 101

Footnotes: Thoughts from the margins of a mom's life

February 2014

We are not sure when my daughter started walking. She was an early, proficient crawler. It seemed that she might never walk, so given was she to crawling. But then, she was standing, pulling herself up on the sofa, edging her way around. "She'll be walking before she's ten months," we predicted. But, alas, it didn't seem to happen. Or did it?

"Did she just walk?" my husband asked me one day, puzzlement creasing his brow. "She was standing there, but then, suddenly…" He trailed off, looking at our baby suspiciously. Was she crawling between her stand-ups? If so, why did we never see her sit or rise? "I think she can walk," I replied, "but she's secretive about it."

We tried to test her skills. Ken stood her up on the floor, pointed her toward me. "Walk to Mama!" But no. She would drop and crawl, quick as a little fox. But then, one day, she smiled at us and toddled on wobbling legs from one end of the room to the other. She could walk! And more than walk; the girl was nearly strolling! What was next? Tap dancing? She'd been practicing on her own, we decided, but had opted to hold opening night until she had a showstopper. She likes the element of surprise.

She's been secretive, too, about her waving. She waves beautifully, wagging her hand back and forth at appropriate moments, but never on demand. Does she really like to wave, or is it a coincidence? I honestly can't say. And then last night, I heard her say to her grandmother "nigh nigh nigh." Nighty night? What? When did that become part of the vocabulary?

In short, my daughter is growing up too fast. And, sadly, the only thing I do know is that I don't know how fast it's all happening. But I do know this. I need to keep a careful eye out, and a listening ear. I need to develop my detective skills and watch this baby daughter of mine. Because she is, in a word, stealthy.

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