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But does it have a basement?

True Confessions of a Stay at Home Dad

February 2014

That was the first question my wife and I would always ask our realtor when she would show us a house. Why was a basement so important to us? Because we have three kids, ages seven, four and two, and their full-time job is making noise. Most weeks they work overtime.

So, after much searching and going to open house visits always asking the same question, we finally found a house – with a basement. Now, it's been a year since we moved in and having a basement has changed everything.

First, it's the best place to send our kids when my wife and I simply need a break. If all five of us are crammed into one room, or the kids are acting like maniacs while we make dinner, we ship them off to the basement. Also, when we have friends over we send their kids to the basement too. I'm not sure how many kids it would hold, but based on experience our basement holds at least twelve rugrats (or shorties, whatever you call your kids).

Don't feel too bad for my kids though, it's not like it's an unfinished dungeon or anything. There's an art table, games, trucks, toys and more toys. There's even a television with a Wii and Netflix hooked up to it (I knew we saved that tube TV for a reason.) In fact, it's more like a multi-purpose room than a basement – where sword fights have taken place, talent shows have been performed, hula hoop competitions have been decided, restaurants have been opened …the list goes on and on.

So, to whomever the first home builder was that dug out a basement in the house he was building, I want to say thank you. I'd also be willing to bet he had kids too.

Happy Parenting!


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