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With So Many Opportunities, Why Camp?

The many benefits of a camp experience

April 2014

Families today have more options than ever before – a buffet of movies, museums, picnics, parks, classes, vacations and so much more. With all of these options, why should families choose Camp?

Choose to learn

Camp is an experiential education like no other. Children learn life lessons like independence, leadership and self-confidence in an environment designed specifically for them. Camp is made up almost entirely of teachable moments. Through fun and hands-on experiences, campers have the opportunity to grow and develop the skills needed to be productive, successful adults.

"Childhood is not passive, and children are natural learners when provided the appropriate environment," says Peg Smith, chief executive officer for the American Camp Association. "Camp serves as the solution to many of the gaps in our current education system – teaching values such as self-esteem, teamwork and caring." And because of the hands-on nature of camp, everyone, not just the "A" student and the athlete, has the opportunity to thrive and enjoy the process of learning.

Camp is fundamental in the national discussion around the need for high-quality summer programs to keep students engaged in learning, and encourage them to develop new skills and previously unseen talents. According to the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) and research conducted by Johns Hopkins sociology professor Karl Alexander, intentional summer programs, like camp, help stem summer learning loss – providing experiences that challenge children, develop talents, keep them engaged and expand horizons.

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