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Running Errands with Kids in Tow

True Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad


May 2014

Errands. Ugh.

I'm a stay at home dad, which means I have the advantage of getting errands done during the week, not on the weekends like all the Nine-to-Fivers out there. But, since I choose to do this during the week, not on the weekends when my wife could watch our kids, I also have to run

these errands while my kids are with me.

Weekday errand running has its advantages. There are definitely smaller checkout lines at most stores. Sometimes errands with kids can be beneficial too. The other day I was out getting supplies for my daughter's school project when I happened upon a craft store. Apparently craft store customers (old "crafty" ladies) are on the same schedule we are. The place was BUSY, on a weekday morning! I was afraid we were going to have to wait in line, but luckily my screaming toddler helped move us up to the front of the line quickly. Traffic isn't as bad driving around on weekday mornings either. Getting across town isn't much trouble and the people that are out seem to be moving at a pretty relaxed pace, like me.

But there are also many disadvantages of hauling around your kids on these trips. First there are all the problems associated with watching a DVD in my minivan. "The sun is too bright, I can't see the movie. Turn it up! The DVD is skipping." All before we've even pulled out of the

driveway. There's also the unhappiness with the color of the lollipop from the bank. "But I wanted pink not purple." To which I calmly reply, "You get what you get and ..." she finishes my sentence, "you don't throw a fit."

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