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High ability testing, extended school days, friendship triangles


May 2014

We received a letter from my son's school telling us that he qualified to be considered for the high ability program at his school, but that he would be required to take an additional test. We don't know if we should agree to the testing or why we would want him to be in the program. How should we decide if we should allow the testing?

In recent years, many school corporations have expanded their offerings for students whose academic abilities are different enough from their peers that they are not easily met with the same curriculum offered for the majority of students. Sometimes additional testing data is required to be sure that students are being placed appropriately. The school personnel take great care to understand each student's needs so that they can provide academic challenge without imposing stress. By agreeing to the testing, you will be allowing the school to collect the data needed to determine if your child might benefit from a different academic program.

Should you agree to the testing and then find that the school offers to place your son in the high ability program, you will have to determine if you believe this to be the best placement for him. This decision is one that should be made by you and your son's teachers, not by your son. Together the adults should determine if your son's Education would be enhanced by participation in a more academically challenging program.

School corporations' approaches to high ability education are varied, so knowing whether your corporation's program focuses on faster pacing, enriching concepts in the regular classroom or compacting curriculum will be important in making a good decision for your son.

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