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Celebrate Mother's Day Your Way

There's no better time to make time for you


May 2014

As a mom, life is busy. Very busy. And, because you have so many people to look after, care for and keep moving, sometimes you forget one of the most important people in your life: you.

Kathy Ryan, RN a Clinical Coordinator for Monogram Maternity at St.Vincent, offers insight on a few ways for you to relax this Mother's Day, and relieve your stress.

"Stress. We all feel it! We need to just stop and take a breath. Relaxation can be tough these days but everyone needs to find ways to feel calm and be present for meaningful moments in our lives. Our Health depends on it. Here are five things that help me in my crazy life!"

1. Aromatherapy

Taking a deep breath and letting it out with an audible sigh. So much more enjoyable with aromatherapy! I only use 100% Pure Essential Oils from St.Vincent Health. Check out 3384her.com for more aromatherapy information!

2. Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Microwaveable Neck Pillow

I use my Pillow to soften tense neck muscles and help me relax. This u-shaped neck pillow is filled with flax seeds, chamomile and lavender, which combine to cradle your neck and emit a soothing aroma. It can be warmed in your microwave to help relax tense muscles with soothing heat.

3. Massage from a Certified Massage Therapist

This is the ultimate in thorough relaxation and I can hardly wait until my next appointment. Mandy Cook, an esthetician and massage therapist at St.Vincent Fishers Hospital, offers a full range of esthetic and massage therapies, including pre and post-natal massages.

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