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Terra Cotta Warriors Come to Indy!

See these fascinating ancient figures direct from China

May 2014

A farmer's shovel digging for water in China hit clay instead and an ancient treasure was revealed. Little did he know that warrior discovered in 1974 was one of thousands created 2,200 years ago to protect an emperor in the afterlife.

Now you can stand face to face with some of the real warriors from that ancient army in Terra Cotta Warriors: The Emperor's Painted Army at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. It will be the only place in the entire United States your family will be able to see the warriors in 2014 and it is the first time ever they have been shared with a children's museum.

Families will see rare artifacts up close (eight of the real warriors, a replica bronze chariot and dozens of other authentic artifacts) while being surrounded by the authentic environment in which they were found. One of the most fascinating aspects of the warriors is that despite the fact they've discovered 2,000 (and it's believed there are 8,000 of them) – no two are alike! Each one has a different face. It is an interesting way to teach your children the difference between assembly lines and an artisan's individual creation.

Encourage your kids to try their own clay sculpting skills to create a warrior face or mold a miniature Terra Cotta figure to be left behind as part of the exhibit. The whole family will walk away with a better understanding of how scientists, artists and historians are using the latest technology to determine how these figures were made and what is being done today to preserve and recreate their original paint patterns.

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