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Now that the magic of the holidays is over, whats next?

January 2012

Now that the magic of the holidays is over, what's next? The decorations have been placed in their boxes, the toys have been unwrapped, played with, and lost some of their original shock value. The champagne has been drunk from various parties and now you're left under a blanket watching your fireplace glimmer. What is next for you and yours in 2012? You need something warm, and happy, a place where your whole family can enjoy...Wait...Spring Break, but where?

Disney has been called "The Happiest Place On Earth." When you say Disney, don't you smile? I mean how could your possibly not smile? There is this mouse that has held the heartstrings of children, and most adults, at one time or another in their lives. Combine that with a huge castle, characters running around greeting you, rides, candy, music, singing, dancing, a parade, and more, so, so, much more. Just writing about it is wearing me out.

You've decided, this year is the year. We're going to Disney. You whip out your flip cam to capture the moment when you tell your children you're going. They scream, and even hug each other! After that joyous event, you start researching the happiest place on earth and realize you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into.

Enter Holly McGuire and Hi Ho Vacations, your Fairy Godmother.

Holly taught music for a private music company for six years. Getting to know the parents and the children she heard stories of the Disney vacations or cruises that the families had taken. She immediately saw a real need to help families make the most of their vacation dollar. "I love Disney Destinations and came to a place in my life – I wanted to do something I LOVED. Planning the perfect Disney Vacation can be overwhelming and many first-timers don't know what they don't know. There are dozens and dozens of choices and I've found many people overpay for amenities they can't or won't use."

See that magic wand sprinkling pixy dust over your vacation worries? "We offer expert planning assistance on all Disney Destinations, Disney World, Disney Land, Disney Cruise and Adventures by Disney. We can do it all, from making your dining and special event reservations, booking your ground transfers or filling you in on the best spot to meet the big cheese (Mickey Mouse). Some of our clients are Disney regulars and like to do this on their own; they use Hi Ho for price monitoring and for keeping them up to date on Disney current events. Price Monitoring is our feature service – if a new promotion or sale becomes available AFTER you book your vacation, we automatically lower the price of your vacation. To date we have saved clients over $9000.00 price monitoring alone – not to mention hours and hours of time and stress. The best part of Hi Ho is we are completely FREE to all clients, in other words, it does not cost clients more to book with us than to book directly with Disney. Many times it costs less once we apply lesser known discounts."

Hi Ho can also help clients who have already booked directly with Disney! Is this a fairy tale? Absolutely not! "If you booked directly with Disney we would be happy to transfer your reservation to us. We will go over your reservation with a fine-tooth comb to be sure you're getting the best deal. We will then monitor the price and apply any discounts as they become available."

It sounds like so much fun just listening to Holly talk about Hi Ho, I asked what challenges she has faced. "Time management! I'm a mother of 2 sons ages 3 and 7. Balancing my time between Hi Ho and my family has been challenging. I've learned to ask for help!"

Does it get better? Yes! "Hi Ho donates $10.00 of each Disney Vacation we book goes to the Make A Wish Foundation of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio."

Favorite Quote?

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." –Walt Disney

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