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Ex full time professionals are earning full time wages, but while the kids are in school!

August 2012

Did you work full time before you had kids? Did the expense and hassle of daycare force you out of the workforce?

Do you miss being a two income household?

What if you could start your work day AFTER the kids are off to school, and finish it BEFORE they get home? At Telepoint Voice and Data Systems, a local high tech company in Indianapolis, that is exactly what Toni Finnigan and Sharon Shafer do.

"My husband and I were looking for ways to earn additional income. One day I saw an opening at Telepoint for flexible, part time employment," says Finnigan. "If I was going back to work, I had to be able to balance my work day with my family obligations." "When I learned that Telepoint had part time positions that started at 9 am and ended at 3 pm that was absolutely perfect for me!" I get home in time to start dinner and greet the kids after school." "And I see them off to school each morning before I go to work." "I have been at Telepoint for over 7 years now, and it just could not have worked out better for me.""It is fun to be working again in a professional environment, and the extra income is huge."


Due to advancements in computer and telephone technology, work is now an activity that can be performed in many different locations. Sharon Shafer, who is in account support rep for Telepoint also works a part-time schedule. "I wanted to work part time with the real potential to earn a full time income," says Shafer. "Part Time Sales and Support at Telepoint was a perfect fit for me." "I have the same technology at home that I have in the office," says Shafer. "Some days I don't even need to go into the office to work." "My kids have all grown now, but I have grandchildren." "So adjusting my schedule to attend events like school plays and soccer games with my grandkids is really easy." "I just love the flexibility, and I actually earn more now than I ever have." "As far as I'm concerned, this is the perfect way to work!"

Now you can earn a good income and still be a stay at home Mom too.image

If you are an ex business professional who would like to get back into the workforce, but part time, Telepoint may be a perfect fit for you.

To find out more information regarding our current openings, please e-mail or fax your resume to 317.545.8700 or careers@telepoint.com.

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