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10 Best Apps for Kids

July 2012

Tozzle: With over 40 puzzles and fun animations, this app will keep your Toddler entertained as he or she learns to improve shape recognition and motor activity. The app costs $1.99 or comes in a free version, Tozzle Lite. iPhone, iPad compatible.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox: The number one preschool app available in the iTunes store, this app teaches Kids ages 2 to 5 about colors, letters, numbers, shapes, differences, and more. The animated monkey helps teach lessons and kiddies can earn stickers after winning games! $.99; iPhone, iPad, Android compatible.

Memory Train: Have the kids hop on the train with Spacey the elephant and play an outstanding memory game of concentration and focus. Memorize the characteristics of objects passing by and recall them to earn various prizes. $.99; iPhone, iPad compatible.

Playtime Theater: Let the kids express their storytelling skills by creating their own plays and puppet shows! Set in a medieval castle, the kids can change characters, props, and sound effects, and can even use their own voices to act out scenes. $2.99; iPad compatible.

Bookworm: For children learning to read, this educational game can improve comprehension and boost vocabulary. Lex the Bookworm encourages kids to form words by linking the letters in various directions. The bigger the word, the more points earned! $2.99; iPhone, iPad compatible.

Kid Mode by Zoodles: Zoodles allows kids ages 2 to 10 to browse fun and educational videos by subject (math, reading, etc.). The app also puts your device into a "kid safe" mode that prevents the kids from wandering onto any other sites or apps. Free; iPhone, iPad, Android compatible.

Doodle Pro: This app allows the kids to create their own unique drawings with different shapes and colors. For more advanced artists, there is a pencil tool provided for sketching. Artwork deemed good to enough to show off can be saved and emailed to family and friends! Free; iPad compatible.

Peek-a-Zoo: Appealing to the emotions of kids aged 2-5, this app uses animated zoo animals in search-and-find games to teach kids how to look for details. Kids will learn to notice visual cues that show if someone is surprised, sad, happy, angry, or if they are winking, sleeping, eating, or waving. $.99; iPhone, iPad compatible.

Beary Happi: Lovable Friend: This virtual teddy bear will surely make your toddler smile. He tells jokes, sings songs, plays Peek-a-boo, and teaches a variety of lessons. While that may sound like a noisy app, parents can set how chatty Beary will be. He will always respond to your toddler in a loving manner. Free; iPhone, iPad compatible.

Bartleby's Book of Buttons Vol. 2: The Button at the Bottom of the Sea: Let your child find his or her inner treasure hunter in this part book, part puzzles app. Kids join the search for rare buttons on a quest to find a stone button buried in the ocean's floor. A puzzle must be solved on each page to move the story along. $2.99; iPhone, iPad compatible.

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