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Top Ten Things to do on a Rainy Day

rainy day
July 2013

GO OUTSIDE! Grown-ups usually discourage kids from jumping in puddles, so youngsters will be surprised and excited when you start a carefree splash contest. Gear up in raincoats and head outside and stomp through as many puddles as you can find! See who can create the biggest spray of water or who can create the best dance routine!

BAKE! For most families, food plays an important role in both every day life and special celebrations. Try to take a dip in the past and remember those common, easy recipes that were always so fun to bake with mom or dad! Here are some examples: brownies, chocolate chip cookies, no-bake cookies, Rice Krispies Treats, cupcakes, and more.

PLAY GAMES! Board games, card games, charades, hide and seek, tag, I spy, even fun activities like mommy-daughter makeovers, and daddy-daughter makeovers. These games/activities will soak up all of that time during the rain, which consists of watching TV and feeling bored and useless. Get your kiddo's brains moving; games are full of learning opportunities!

PITCH A TENT! Even though the rain has stopped you and your family from having your annual camping trip outside, simply move the camping trip inside by making either an at-home tent made out of blankets or setting up the real tent! Don't forget the smores!

ARTS & CRAFTS! Get out your glitter, newspaper, cardboard, colored paper, markers, q-tips, tape, scissors, yarn, buttons, and all you can find because here are some arts and crafts ideas for your munchkin, perfect for a rainy day: make silly putty or play dough (recipe is online), make a car or a plane out of cardboard to fit in and color it, make finger paintings, make a tree out of toilet paper rolls, make a tissue paper wreath, make a collage out of images in magazines, make necklaces and bracelets out of candy and yarn (Twizzlers pull-n-peel, Cheerios, Froot Loops, Peach Rings, etc.), put leaves under paper and color over the paper, make a hat out of construction paper, and so much more!

READ! Move your kiddie's brain by reading his or her favorite book out loud! This will make them listen and practice good vocabulary, prepare them for school, relax them, and also develop their imagination! You can't go wrong by bringing out those popular books on a rainy day.

BATH TIME! Set up the most fabulous bath for your little ones! Have the Barbies, the rubber ducky, the bath crayons, and the bath color tablets for the water all ready to go! Bring out the most fun bath toys you find, bubble up the tub, and develop a spa for your munchkins! It's free and your kids will love what you've created!

DANCE! Play your family's favorite hits and watch your kiddos let loose! Encourage them to make up a dance and perform it for the whole family! This will get them super excited and will allow them to express themselves as little individuals! You might even get a nice nap out of them afterwards!

MOVIES! Bust out a movie that you and your little one will enjoy and have never seen! Old or new, your kids will be sure to enjoy their movie as long as they have some popcorn and a blanket. This is a great rainy day activity because movies take up a bit of time and will allow your kids to remain calm and pay attention to the movie if you want some peace and quiet.

FAMILY VIDEOS! Whether the family home video you're about to watch is from a year ago or ten years ago, everyone always loves to remember the people, the clothes and the funny things of course. This is an activity that you and your munchkins will love, especially if they get to see themselves on the TV screen! Show them what they did when they were younger and watch them laugh and enjoy their funny comments and actions.

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