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2014 Report Card Guide

2013 Indianapolis Report Card Guide
June 2014

2013 Report Card Guide--places you can take your report card to get free things

Ever thought that you were the only one who rewarded your child for good grades? Wrong!

Chuck E Cheese-Chuck E Cheese's has a "Super Student Reward" that must be signed by the teacher. The student is rewarded with 10 free tokens. 10021 E. Washington Street, 8804 US 31 South, 9931 E. US Highway 36.

Baskin Robin's-Baskin Robin's offers a free scoop of ice cream to students who have A's and B's on their report cards. 2201 E 62nd Street, 1337 W 86th Street.

Pizza Hut- presents "The A's Program" they offer this to any elementary/ middle school student who has a minimum of 3 A's on their report card. Students will receive one personal pan pizza, soft drink, and a carton of milk. 2802 E Washington St, 2236 E 62nd St, 4902 W Washington St.

Cheryl's Cookies-Cheryl's cookies offer up to 3 free cookies for A's on a report card. 6101 N Keystone Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220

Chick-fil-a-Many locations offer free items for good grades, call local your local restaurant to see if they are participants

Cold Stone Creamery

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