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Maternity & Summer Must-Haves

July 01, 2008
>A Chic Tote for Mom

Take functional luxury to a whole new level with the lovely Lexie Tote from Fleurville. This is more than just a diaper bag—it's a stroller bag, a shoulder tote or a messenger bag that's large enough to carry all of baby's essentials with room for yours too. The Lexie Tote features multiple pockets, a changing pad and a waterproof lining; and it comes in some of the prettiest prints around. The SlipNot™ universal stroller attachment allows it to easily clip onto any stroller for outings with the little ones. Made from PVC-Free™ Green-LAM™, this eco-friendly bag is one you'll want to carry long after your kids are out of diapers. The Lexie Tote is available for $165 from Fleurville.com.

Celebrate the Journey

Pregnancy is a journey that takes your body and that of your baby through a multitude of stages. The Nine Month Necklace is a special creation designed to mark each stage with a beautiful gemstone. At the beginning of each month, a gemstone is added. Each gemstone was selected for its metaphysical properties and represents a unique milestone your baby will achieve during that month. The Nine Month Necklace is crafted by hand and includes such beautiful gemstones as citrine, pearl and amethyst.

Designed by a midwife, the Nine Month Necklace makes a perfect gift for yourself or the expectant mom in your life (hubbies, are you listening?) Available in white gold, yellow gold, or sterling silver, the Nine Month Necklace is a beautiful heirloom that celebrates your journey and can be passed down to your children. Available for $148–$288 from www.jwestoriginals.com.

Stick It To 'Em

Take advantage of summer's bountiful produce by making healthful and delicious smoothies for you and the kids. A quick breakfast or snack, smoothies can pack in lots of nutrients while tasting yummy too. But forget traditional blenders that can be a bear to clean up. Try a stick blender instead. Also known as immersion blenders, stick blenders can mix smoothies right in your cup, and clean up is a snap. They're also great for making fruit purees, which you can add to lemonade for a festive summer touch. Find stick blenders at Target starting at about $20.

Hamadi Beauty

A summer full of sun, salt water and chlorine can really work to dry out your hair. But rich conditioners often leave it limp and lifeless. Shea Rice Milk Conditioner and Shea Leave In, both from Hamadi, offer help without weighing your hair down. Enriched with the natural goodness of shea butter, these products work to condition your hair without leaving any heavy residue. Plus, the naturally occurring sunscreen in shea butter helps to protect your scalp from the sun's harmful rays, making it perfect for summertime use.

Shea Rice Milk Conditioner works daily to nourish and fortify hair, while Shea Leave In is a versatile daily conditioner and styling cream that adds shine without being too heavy. Try the Shea Leave In for added protection on days when you'll be at the beach or pool. Afterwards, shampoo your hair and use the Shea Rice Milk Conditioner to help restore shine. Available for $11- $38 at www.hamadibeauty.com.

Emergency Burn Care

Did you know that every 25 seconds someone in the United States is burned or scalded at home? Once it happens, every second counts. Adults, and especially kids, need consistent cooling of the affected area to prevent ongoing injury. Burn Jel Plus is a fast-acting gel that serves to cool and soothe burned skin as well as protect against infection. This water-based gel contains Lidocaine for immediate pain relief and tee-tree oil, which is a natural antibacterial agent.

Burn Jel Plus also helps with the relief of sunburn, so make a note to add some to your First Aid kit this summer. Burn Jel Plus is widely available at stores including Wal-Mart, CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens for $8.99.

Hospital Ready

As your due date nears, you've got your list of what you want to take to the hospital or birthing center. But you just wish someone else would pack it for you. Order a Labor and Delivery Survival Kit and let Ms. & Mrs. take care of it, knowing your essentials will be there.

The Labor and Delivery Survival Kit is a roomy and portable mesh tote that includes 12 essentials for an expectant mom's comfort including a stopwatch, slipper socks, a headband, a back massager, body lotion, lip balm, Preggie Pops®, breath mints and more. Add an outfit for going home and you can rest assured that you'll be taken care of. The Labor and Delivery Survival Kit is available from www.msandmrs.com for $45.

Mary Michele Little is a mother of two, wife, entrepreneur and blogger who lives in Raleigh, NC. Read more of her tips at www.onechicmama.com.
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