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Let's Go Shopping, Mom-To-Be!

July 01, 2008
Re-Run Messenger Bag by Fleurville

Eliminate some landfill with this printed messenger bag made from 10 plastic bottles from landfills. PVC-Free. $75. www.apeainthepod.com

Eco Friendly Zip Hoodie

This eco friendly hoodie has ¾ sleeves and a front pocket. Made from organic cotton. $88. www.mimimaternity.com

Organic Short Sleeve 'Earth Mother' Tee

This 100% USA-made, organic cotton tee is good for you, the country and the environment. $16.98. www.motherhood.com

Deafeat Da Fleas

It's flea season, but why use chemicals when you can go all-natural? This non-toxic flea, tick, gnat and mosquito killer contains organic herbs, peppermint, lemongrass and a blend of essential oils leaving bugs dead in their tracks and Fido feeling fresh. $13.95. www.kathysanto.com.

Motherhood Maternity Dress

Being pregnant doesn't mean you have to sacrifice fashion, or handfuls of cash. These dresses all sell for under $40 with the cupcake wedding dress only $39.98–perfect for summer and your wallet. www.motherhood.com

ZoloWear Baby Sling

This spring- and summer-friendly sling is both fashionable and comfortable. Can be adjusted to six different positions and comes with a built-in nursing cover. Supports infants from 4 to 40 pounds. $79+. www.zolowear.com

Don't Bite Me Patch

If you're interested in a chemical-free insect repellant, these patches last for hours and contain nothing more than aloe and B1. Apply two hours before going into a mosquito area and the B1 is absorbed into your bloodstream.It then excretes through your pores, causing an odor that masks the carbon dioxide we emit—which is what attracts mosquitoes. $4.99 for 5 patches or $15.99 for 20. www.dontbitemepatch.com

Brella Bag Hands-Free Umbrella

Tired of carrying around that umbrella? Fumbling with it while bringing in the groceries or taking the dog for a walk? This unique umbrella comes with a bag that holds the umbrella safely and sturdily. Just slip the umbrella in the bag and you'll stay dry and have both hands free. $19.95. www.brellabag.com

Nappi Sak

Talk about a fashionable diaper bag! This gorgeous bag holds everything from all of the baby necessities as well as cell phone, keys, credit cards and more. Why tote around a purse and a bag when you can have it all in one? $45. www.suzibella.com

Lynette has been an employee with Indy's Child Magazine and is a graduate of Indiana State University with a B.S. in Criminology.
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