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Aromatic Childbirth

The Scents of a Soothing Childbirth

October 01, 2009
Envision the birth of your child in a relaxed, beautifully scented environment. Wafting aromas of summer flowers, uplifting citrus or refreshing mint create your customized birth experience. The physical discomforts at the end of pregnancy, as well as emotional fears and anxieties of the childbirth and early motherhood, can be gently treated with simple and effective aromatherapy treatments.

An eight-year study in Oxford England with 8058 women showed that experiencing aromatherapy during labor helped them relax, relieved pain and nausea and enhanced their birth experience. The results were very positive with minimal or minor side effects. This is an especially significant study because it was such a large trial, suggesting that the positive results were more than just a chance effect. Additional studies have supported the positive effects of aromatherapy on stress reduction and emotional upheaval in early motherhood.

Aromatherapy in labor and childbirth has been practiced and researched in England for the past 20 years. There are only a few select essential oils at specific dilutions considered safe for use with pregnancy and childbirth. Aromatic Childbirth™ developed by a nurse aromatherapist is based solely on the specific essential oils proven safe and effective through research and years of practice.

Pam Conrad RN, Clinical Aromatherapist, developed her practice after living and studying with nurses and midwives in England. Through this research and experience, a course for nurses was developed at Community North—the first of its kind in the U.S.

Women delivering at any hospital can consult with Pam at Wellspring Pharmacy Community North. During your consultation, the essential oils and methods of use will be explained for optimal effectiveness and safety and is based on your preferences and personal medical history. Allergies, medical and pregnancy history are all taken into account to provide the most appropriate Aromatic Childbirth™ kit for you to take to the hospital and comes complete with printed instructions to share with your healthcare professionals.

A consultation four to six weeks prior to your due date is recommended. Pam will meet with you and together you will create your own special Birth Blends to ease the discomforts of anxiety, pain and help to enhance a relaxed, therapeutic environment for you and your baby. If you like, your baby's or your name will be on your Birth Blend labels. Pregnancy and early motherhood consultations are also available.

Cost: $40 for a 45-minute appointment plus the charge for any essential oil blends you choose to aid in your birth experience.

Appointments can be made by calling 317-621-9006, visiting Wellspring Pharmacy on the Community Hospital North Campus during regular business hours, or emailing Pam at pconrad@eCommunity.com.

Aromas for Healing™ was founded by Pam Conrad, R.N., clinical aromatherapist, to educate women and develop products to ease women's life-cycle transitions. The focus is on the health benefits and healing properties of Clinical Aromatherapy using therapeutic grade essential oils to treat a condition while facilitating the health and healing of body, mind and spirit.

Other Information

Pam Conrad, R.N., B.S.N., PGd, CCAP

Complementary Therapy Nurse Consultant

Wellspring Pharmacy – North

Office: 317-621-9006

Email: pconrad@eCommunity.com



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