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Girls Night Out—Just for Moms

November 01, 2009
Now that the kids are back in school, you probably realize you have been Supermom, Superwife and Super-stressed. It's time for you and your friends to get away and take a break. Let me entertain you with a few things I did on a recent respite.

A couple gal pals of mine decided to have a G-rated adult pajama party. The whole intent was to have a slumber party atmosphere with late night girly gossip and shopping 'til we dropped. We packed the jammies, loose fitting pants (so we could squeeze in as much chocolate, wine and other goodies as possible) and left our troubles behind at work/home and wherever else.

Then, we booked a night at the Yellow Rose Inn (www.yellowroseinn.com), a beautiful Bed and Breakfast on Delaware Street on the north side of downtown Indianapolis. B&B's are perfect hideaways for girlfriends getaways because you each have your own space with your own room (or you have the option to share) and yet, you can still run down the hall and downstairs in your PJ's with curlers in your hair and not worry about anyone saying or thinking, "Shame on you!" I don't know about you, but hosting at your own house isn't nearly as fun after you spend a week cleaning, hiding junk and stocking the refrigerator. A B&B is a working woman's and working mom's dream. Think about it—someone else cleaning up after you and serving nice warm meals. Sounds nice, doesn't it? In our case, the Yellow Rose Inn was the perfect place because we had the whole place to ourselves, and we loved the rooftop Jacuzzi in which we shared all the latest gossip after gorging on food and beverages.

We titled our first day, "Gossip, Goblets & Ganache" and set out in search of said food and beverages. We made a quick stop at The Flying Cupcake on North Illinois (www.theflyingcupcakebakery.com). After spending a good half hour salivating over the choices, we wound up buying a variety pack complete with a wide variety of goodies including the Red Velvet Elvis, the Black Bottom and Coconut Monster.

Then, we headed out to The Best Chocolate in Town (www.bestchocolateintown.com) on Massachusetts Avenue. There, we sought out hand-made truffles with surprise ingredients like Guinness, champagne, wasabi and ginger along with the more traditional chocolates. We then determined we might want something with which to wash it down and stopped in next door at the Mass Ave. Wine Shop. We also made a pit stop at Easley Winery for a bottle of Reggae Red (mixed with coconut liquor, it's a perfect summer/fall cocktail). One of the ladies thought ahead to bring a bottle of Chateau Thomas' new sugar-free wine called Slender. So the pantry was stocked and we were ready to catch up on all the gossip we had missed over the last several months as we sat in the hot tub.

The next day, we grabbed the purses to hit the shops on Mass Ave. We started out at Mass. Ave. Toys (www.massavetoys.com). Okay, it started out as a guilt thing to buy presents for the kids we left at home. Then, dare I admit it, we were caught up in the fun of playing with the toys ourselves, wearing silly hats and using puppets to voice our social concerns. I won't say whom, but one of us discovered the plastic fingers that make an embarrassing sound when you pull on them and we had to leave for fear of wetting our pants from laughing so hard.

Of course, what self-respecting gal with money burning a hole in her pocket doesn't pamper herself by purchasing a little bling and new shoes? So, we were 'forced' to stop at Silver in the City (www.shopsilverinthecity.com) where we also discovered some fun gag gifts for a friend who couldn't make the trip. Stouts Shoes (http://stoutsfootwear.com/) is just a couple of doors down and we had a hoot checking out the old-fashioned basket delivery system that delivers the shoes from upstairs storage area to customers downstairs. Who knew you could find a shoe store that still individually measures and fits you for a pair of shoes? We did find another spot—more on that later.

After that, Global Gifts (www.globalgiftsindy.com/) produced some great finds that were unique and handcrafted by artisans from around the world. We felt better about ourselves knowing that each purchase helps provide employment for struggling artisans in developing countries. It is a fair trade store that emphasizes environmental responsibility and sustainability. Gender equity, no child labor and safe and healthy working conditions are important to how they do business.

We had worked up an appetite and decided we would head out to Broad Ripple and treat ourselves to sushi and sake at Naked Tchopstix (www.tchopstix.com). The name alone was worth the drive. Those who were squeamish about eating anything raw (that would be me) were delighted to discover cooked sushi rolls and a cute server (bonus) who was more than happy to educate us with an impromptu version of their "Sushi for Sissies" class.

Since we were feeling properly sated and sashimi'd, we thought we would stock up on goodies for that night's gossip session and headed over to Just Pop In on Guilford Avenue (www.justpopinonline.com) for some gourmet popcorn in a variety of flavors (fruit to chocolate to cheese).

From there, we went to the Indianapolis Art Center to get our creative juices flowing. While visitors can pre-register for classes like jewelry making, pottery, painting and ceramics, we opted for glass-blowing (www.indplsartcenter.org). Our instructor took his time prepping each of us for the experience and we were able to create our own masterpieces to take home. Depending on the time of year, you can make paperweights for Mother's Day, Halloween, Christmas and more that are each themed for the season.

Before we knew it, it was time to clean up and I hope you are sitting down for this—to go to the mall without makeup on our faces! That's right, we hit the makeup counters at Nordstrom at the Circle Centre mall for makeovers and let someone else work their magic on our faces. We checked out the huge shoe selection and then went upstairs for lingerie fittings. Talk about a liberating experience. First of all, you have to promise you don't tell anyone. Promise? Okay! Every single one of us found out we were buying the wrong size bra! The good news is we each measured fewer inches around but had larger cup sizes—woo hoo!

After we were lifted, separated and feeling smug, we went downstairs for dinner and strutted our stuff at the legendary St. Elmo Steakhouse (www.stelmos.com). We each had to have a fiery hot shrimp cocktail and then got a different dish so we could pass it around and share.

The next day was all about pampering. Studio 2000 (www.studio2000spa.com) braced itself for our little entourage as we ditched our clothes for comfy robes and a couple hours of bliss downtown on the circle. After pedicures, manicures, a mud wrap, a hot stone massage and a de-aging firming massage, we went back to the B&B to brag about our spoilage and compare notes on which spa treatment we might try the next time we are let loose on the town. Since we all felt so rested and relaxed, it was naptime so we could prepare for another night of wild-abandon at Scholar's Inn on Mass Ave. (www.scholarsinn.com). There, we had half-priced martinis (thanks to planning ahead for the Thursday night special), more gourmet food and played a little game of truth or dare, which ended up being quite educational and provided us with some good dirt on each other.

Since it was our last night together, we stayed up late telling more stories in our jammies, finished off the treats and settled in for a long night's rest. We wrapped things up with lunch outdoors on the final day at the Rathskeller (www.rathskeller.com). We were comfy in our sweats outside in the Biergarten as we munched on soft hot pretzels and sipped our beer. And, of course, we spent a fair amount of time conjuring up excuses to have another overnighter without any responsibilities.

Kimberly Harms is the mother of four (5, 21, 22 and 24 years old) and the grandmother of a brand new baby boy. For more information go to www.visitindy.com

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