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Celebrate Winter Fun and Family Traditions

Jolly Days Winter Wonderland

November 01, 2009
As winter approaches, families come together to celebrate, and share memories and holiday traditions. Snow fights, sledding, and holiday baking are activities many look forward to at this time of year. Children write wish lists for Santa and parents begin the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Join The Children's Museum of Indianapolis as we celebrate winter festivities with the expanded Jolly Days Winter Wonderland exhibit opening the day after Thanksgiving.

On November 27, instead of fighting the holiday shopping crowds, bring the kids to the museum for a winter celebration and Santa's big arrival. Santa will glide down the Yule Slide and enter the North Pole in Jolly Days where children can sit with him and share their holiday wishes. As children wind through the line to meet Santa they will pass through the North Pole and peek inside Santa's reindeer stable, pass a train, and catch a glimpse of Santa's sleigh loaded with Steiff toys.

But Santa isn't the only attraction inside Jolly Days. When families enter the museum they'll see snowflakes falling from the ceiling, lights strung and familiar oversized toys overflowing both inside and out of the 6,000-square-foot exhibit. Jumbo red crayons sit alongside giant alphabet blocks and other toys from past and present. Jingles the Jolly Bear returns accompanied by his furry friends: Giraffe, Elephant, Kangaroo and Walrus. Indoor and "outdoor" winter activities flourish in the Winter Wonderland with several new features.

Children two and under will enjoy the new Jingles' Baby Play area which features some of the most popular elements from Playscape like padded floors and walls, mirrors and peek-a-boo doors. Soft benches line either side of the area where parents can sit and watch their little ones play.

The bigger kids will enjoy an "outdoor" space where they can pretend to ice skate in their socks, or take part in a museum staff-facilitated snowball fight indoors with fluffy, white pompoms. The large Ice Castle will loom over the area while Ice Fishing has been expanded to accommodate more children. At the stable, children can help get Santa's reindeer ready for the big night as they feed, groom and harness the reindeer before their long flight.

Come in from the cold and spend time with your family putting together jigsaw puzzles, playing games, and cooking. Families can decorate a house by lighting the lights and garland across the walls and fireplace. Come together in the kitchen where families cook and share traditional holiday meals. After the holidays, be sure to stop by and see Santa's postcards from his well deserved-vacation. Jolly Days Winter Wonderland has become a family tradition of its own where families come together to celebrate the fun and festivities of the winter season. The exhibit will be open through January 10, 2010.

Jaclyn Falkenstein is Public Relations Coordinator for The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

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