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Cool Winter Finds

November 01, 2009
The Hat Trick

This fall, why not top your look off with an accessory that adds a touch of chic and keeps you warm, too? The Aubrey hat, from Wallaroo Hat Company, brings an air of feminine sophistication and classic styling to your look. The 3-inch brim on this fedora shields your face from the elements while framing it in a flattering way. Crafted in a tweed weave and trimmed in suede, the Aubrey gives a nod to retro glamour while bringing your look right up to speed. Available for $40 from WallarooHats.com.

Quick Change

All diaper bags are not created equal. Take the Baggino Junior, for instance. This sporty bag includes a changing pad and has all the requisite pockets for diapers, wipes, bottles, etc. Yet the beauty of this lightweight bag is that it converts from a messenger-style bag to a hands-free changing belt, giving you everything you need within arms reach. Keep your diaper bag off unsanitary airport floors and have easy access to all the essentials while you change your baby. The Baggino Junior, available in black and lime green, is perfect for travel and keeps all your diaper changing needs right at your fingertips. Find the Baggino Junior at www.Baggino.com for $49.

Pure. Natural. Afterglow.

Mineral makeups are becoming a dime a dozen with many companies creating their own lines of the popular products. Afterglow stands out from the crowd with its pure, natural mineral formula that leaves only a sheer, natural finish. Free from parabens, phthalates, perfumes and other irritants, Afterglow is infused with organic botanicals and perfect for sensitive skin. Plus, it includes an SPF of 20 so it makes it a great year-round product to keep your skin protected from the elements. Try the Glow Kit ($68), which includes two foundations, a blush, a setting powder, 2 brushes and application instructions in a convenient makeup bag making it perfect for travel or moms on the go. Order from www.AfterglowCosmetics.com.

All Things Trader Joe's

Shopping at Trader Joe's can be an experience unto itself. The shelves of reasonably priced house-brand items are cleverly named and often organic, giving them great mom-appeal. In fact, two moms were so enamored with the findings at Trader Joe's that they devoted an entire cookbook to Trader Joe's offerings. Cooking With All Things Trader Joe's is a unique book in that many of the ingredients are exclusive to Trader Joe's stores. You'll learn how to make scones using Buttermilk Pancake Mix, fish tacos from Oven Ready Breaded Cod Fillets, and the fusion dish, Saag Paneer Lasagna using Punjab Spinach Sauce. Recipes have a multi-cultural appeal and are fun and easy to prepare. Plus, all ingredients come from Trader Joe's making this one-stop shopping at its finest. Get back in the kitchen with healthy and affordable dishes good enough to impress houseguests, yet easy enough for a weeknight dinner. Grab a copy for $29.95 at Amazon.com.

Trend Alert: The Jacket

This season the one item you should add to your wardrobe to give you a chic, pulled-together look is a jacket. Jackets come in all shapes and sizes, making them right for everyone. A jacket is the one item that can take a simple outfit and make it greater than the sum of its parts.

• Jackets are perfect for camouflaging a tummy or extra weight around your middle. Choose a fitted style that falls below your waistline.

• Jackets can add structure to your shape. A curve-hugging jacket can make you appear slimmer and works to carve out a figure.

• Don't buy a jacket that stops at your widest point. If your lower hip is where you're widest, opt for a jacket that falls above this area to avoid drawing attention to it.

• Look for a jacket in a darker shade such as chocolate, navy, black or deep plum to make you appear smaller. Wear a pop of color underneath to keep it lively.

• A great jacket will take your jeans and a t-shirt to the next level and will make your dresses look fabulous. Wear it as many ways as possible!

• Belt your jacket to show off your waist (or make it look smaller). A belt adds another layer of charm. Wide or skinny, go for one that suits your shape.

A few great styles to choose from this season are the boyfriend blazer, the military-inspired jacket, jackets with peplums or ruffles, a leather motorcycle jacket or a chic trench coat to top everything off in style.

Jacket from OneStopPlus.com.

Mary Michele Little is a mother of two, wife, entrepreneur and blogger who lives in Raleigh, NC. Read more of her tips at www.onechicmama.com.
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