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There's a Whole Lot of Free Going on in December

Dozens of Free Activities this Winter

December 2009

>Save Money next summer with IPL's CoolCents Program

By participating in IPL's CoolCents program you can receive a $5 per month rebate on your electric bill during the summer months of June, July, August and September.

When you sign up for CoolCents, a small device is installed on the outside of your home near your central air conditioner. This device allows IPL to safely cycle your air conditioner on and off for brief periods during hours of peak electricity usage. Your air conditioner will typically not be cycled on weekends or holidays. The fan on your air conditioner will continue to operate. In fact, you may not even be aware that your air conditioner is being cycled because your house should remain comfortable.

Your participation in CoolCents helps IPL use its power plants more efficiently, which also helps delay the need to build new power plants. This keeps electric rates low and results in a cleaner environment for us all.

Customers who are not homeowners but reside in a separately metered single-family residence with central air conditioning may participate with written landlord consent.

To enroll call 800-305-0982 or go to IPLpower.com.

Children's Dental Center Holiday Season Food Drive Kicks-Off

Children's Dental Center, a friendly dental office in Fishers focused exclusively on pediatric dentistry, will sponsor a month-long food drive in an effort to stock the shelves of the new food pantry within the Fall Creek Township assessor's office.

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