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December 01, 2009
I just want you to know what ever you do for the breast cancer association, I think is great! There have been several cases of breast cancer in my family, some happy endings some not. God bless you for all your company does—there will be wings waiting on you in heaven.

Rhonda Mullen

I happened upon the October 2009 copy of Indy's Child at the Hamilton County Library. Thank you so much! My wife and I are big fans! Bravo for the broad spectrum of perspectives, thoughts and ideas on parenting the next generation of young men and women. I was particularly encouraged by the Publisher's Note on the importance of believing in yourself. My boyhood was very chaotic—and my wife and I have committed to raising our children in a positive environment that cultivates a "world" for our children's potential and talents to thrive. Thank you for making your publication a bright, informative and inspiring read! Earl Campbell

Thank you for bringing back the monthly calendar page with all the special days. Our family enjoys seeing what's special about each day of the month. When we can, we try and make a portion of our day coincide with the special event. We have had special meals, learned more about an historical event, played games, and had special family times with our children and even their grandparents. We really hope you will continue to bring your readers this one page highlight each month. In this month of Thanksgiving, we are deeply thankful for you and your wonderful magazine. The David Routh family

I just wanted to let you know that your weekly e-newsletter is fantastic. It's sometimes easy to get busy and forget everything that's going on, but this helps serve as a reminder of the great things going on over the weekend. I also really appreciate the savings tips, green ideas and, of course, the awesome weekly contest. Keep up the good work! L. Rich

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