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Five Eco-Encouraging Reads for Earth Day

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Farmers Market Guide
Jul 01 2013
FARMERS MARKETS IN THE INDIANAPOLIS AREA Buying local from a nearby farmers market is an excellent ...
In This Issue
It’s Easy Being Green
Apr 01 2013
How do you find ways to go green while managing a busy family? Do it together! Going green as a family ...
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Parenting Goes Green
Apr 01 2012
Parents want what’s best for their kids. It’s natural. One way to help ensure a bright future for the ...
Environmental Changes Springing to Life at The Children’s Museum
Apr 01 2011
The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has implemented changes to the facilities and incorporated new ...
Green Parenting
Apr 01 2011
Hoosiers are becoming more conscious of their affect on the environment. Whether it’s recycling newspapers ...
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Strawberry Picking at Your Favorite Farm
Pick your own produce at your local farm! Berry plants are low to the ground, so it's an easy and fun ...
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The beginning of November 2010, our family decided to take on the handmade challenge. What does this ...
Hi Mamma Crafts
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I recently read an article from CardMaker Magazine that struck close to my heart about an organization ...
Hi Mamma Crafts
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April 01, 2010
The Dirt Cheap Green Thumb: 400 Thrifty Tips for Saving Money, Time and Resources as You Garden

$10.95 – Rhonda Massingham Hart

Going green is as much about saving, recycling, reusing, refusing and being thrifty as it is about doing your own gardening and composting. But gardening isn't always cheap, so that's why Master Gardener, Rhonda Massingham Hart, has put together 400 quick tips to help you grow beautiful and bountiful plants to keep the kids busy and your bellies full—without breaking the bank. Tips include everything from why you should join a garden club to how to take a leaf from a certain plant and grow a new plant or where the best deals are for plants, supplies and machines. Everyone has a green thumb, you just need to know how to use it correctly.

Girls Gone Green

$11.99 – Lynn Hirshfield

Being eco-conscious means something different for everyone, but even celebrities agree on one thing—it's important. Girls Gone Green is a collection of tips, tricks and ideas from the likes of Alicia Silverstone, Mischa Barton, Ellen Page, Jessica Lowndes, Hayden Panettiere and dozens other non-celebrities who deserve just as much fame for their earth-conscious efforts. Beauty entrepreneurs, fashionistas, animal advocates, educators, artists, recyclers, growers, grocers, defenders of air, land and water and environmental scientists and green engineers—this book is full of important information for every girl to put her best foot forward—without making a print.

Sara Snow's Fresh Living: The Essential Room-by-Room Guide to a Greener, Healthier Family and Home

$16.00 – Sara Snow

Sara Snow got her big break in Indianapolis with the FOX affiliate in Indianapolis and from there she has been on a road to teaching others what was always second nature to her—fresh living. She was taught by her parents to be stewards of the land; consuming less, eating fresh and home-grown foods, less processed foods and chemicals and learning to live off of and protect the land on which they lived. Sara shares with readers those very things she learned from her parents and how you can incorporate these things into your daily lives.

Let's Go Outside: Outdoor activities and Projects to Get You and Your Kids Closer to Nature

$12.95 – Jennifer Ward

We can all agree that kids these days have become far too involved with gaming, gadgets and all things sedentary. It's spring and now is the time to set the changes of motion—in motion. This book teaches you to show your kids the natural art of outdoor play by introducing timeless outdoor games that you played as a kid, such as kick the can, capture the flag, scavenger hunts, buried treasure and the ever-popular game of tag. You'll find a variety of outdoor adventure ideas and an entire chapter devoted to creating eco-minded experiences that include everything from making a rain catcher, taking part in the Great Backyard Bird Count, growing you own garden and turning trash into homes for birds and insects. Get the kids away from the TV and outside this spring, summer and fall. After all, you're not just encouraging education and environmentalism, you're keeping them fit, too.

The Eco-nomical Baby Guide

$19.95 – Joy Hatch and Rebecca Kelley

Let's face it, having a baby can be costly and create a lot of excess: diapers, baby food, clothings, water, toys, wipes and more. But here's another fact: It doesn't have to be wasteful or costly! Hatch and Kelley show you how to bring your baby into a greener world by forcing you to take a look at your wants vs. needs. What does your baby really need? Can you forego the latest fad for used gear? Where do you go to support eco-friendly companies? Do you go cloth or disposable diaper? Is there a happy medium on the Great Diaper Debate and, if so, how do you care for cloth diapers? How do you feed your baby without sacrificing the planet with endless baby food jars and formula containers? They even offer up ten simple steps you can take to help the planet now—and even four difficult steps. You'll save money, sanity and waste while making the earth a little happier, too.

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