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May 01, 2010
Image a night under the stars where a wish to bring back your favorite band can come true. Who wouldn't want to see the Beatles or Elvis back on stage! Or wake up and head out to tap along to the beat of new favorite artists like Trout Fishing in America or Steve Charney. Indy Parks is pleased to introduce two new family friendly concert series this summer.

The "Family Fun Concert Series," at Eagle Creek Park, will engage families with younger children. Artists perform at 10:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.Cost is $6.00 per person which includes admission to this magnificent park. Series includes:

• June 26, Brady Rumer and the Little Band that Could—This Award-winning band's rollicking, roots-y tunes will pop the audience out of their chairs.

• July 10, Trout Fishing in America—Four-time Grammy nominee duo is silly in one song then tender in the next showing why they are unique!

• July 24, Steve Charney—Steve has been a nut for a looooonnnnng time. A magician, ventriloquist, author, musician and songwriter, Steve hosts a family radio program featuring original comedy sketches and songs.

• July 31, Billy Jonas Band—In sing-alongs, bang-alongs, whisper-alongs, Billy's primary instrument is you! Concerts begin with simple "tuning" of the audience, from there a whimsical path carries listeners through stories of life, love and family. Come ready to sing, clap and dance!

• Take advantage of Eagle Creek Park. Bring a picnic, rent a bike, take a hike, swim, canoe, play and enjoy this treasured park of over 5000 acres.

On another musical note, we have big plans for our PE MacAllister performing arts center at Garfield Park. What do the Beatles, Frank Sinatra and Elvis have in common? Legendary music loved by all, family friendly song, and all coming to Garfield Park.

Join us for the "Celebrate the Greats Concert Series" at Garfield Park, just minutes south of Downtown Indianapolis. Enjoy a 7:00 p.m. outdoor evening concert. Ticket prices are $10 for seats, $8 for bench seating, $6 for lawn (bring a blanket or chairs).

• June 4, Beatles Celebration Band by American English—American English is the closest you will come to reliving The Beatles. Whether you grew up with the Fab Four or not, this show is your window to the past.

• July 9, Frank Sinatra Celebration Band by Peter Oprisko—Peter Oprisko creates on an exciting, engaging and interactive performance for audiences of all ages.

• July 23, Elvis Celebratino Band by Elvis 2000—Elvis 2000 is astounding! Believing that "there's a little Elvis in everybody," band members perform in character and dressed as "The King."

Come early to enjoy the wonderful features of Garfield Park. Visit the Sunken Garden and fountains, walk the trails, stroll Garfield Arts Center and explore the Conservatory ($1 per person).

Don't miss these amazing concerts and build memories with Indy Parks.

Visit www.brownpapertickets.com or call 1-800-838-3006 for tickets or information

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