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Fantastic Family Fun at Eagle Creek Park—Music, Picnics, Trails and More

Local Parks Offer Full Summer of Family Fun

June 01, 2010
Indy Parks is proud to have one of the most unique destinations for your family: Eagle Creek Park. This year, we are providing a recipe for family fun by mixing up a batch of magical ingredients that include nature, music, trails, smiles and hands-on learning experiences that will delight kids of all ages.

Indy Parks is hosting summer concerts at Eagle Creek Park. Come move, groove and sway with nature in a brand new way. The fun doesn't stop with the music—it goes on as long as you spend time in the Park. There is an array of attractions that include a beach, trails to bike, boats to ride and much more. You can even create your own adventure. Peer into the trees to spy your favorite birds or kayak the reservoir with the sun above and the fish below. Did you know Eagle Creek Park is one of the largest municipal parks in the United States? It boosts over 1,400 acres of water and 3,900 acres of forestry, trails and water front destinations. Pack a picnic, rent a bike, take a hike, lounge on the beach, cruise in a canoe and enjoy this treasured park.

The Family Fun Concert Series at Eagle Creek Park will engage and entertain families with younger children. Artists perform at 10:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Cost is $6.00 per person which includes admission to this magnificent park. Series includes:

June 26, Brady Rumer and the Little Band that Could—This Award-winning band's rollicking, roots-y tunes will pop the audience out of their chairs.

July 10, Trout Fishing in America—This four-time Grammy nominee duo is silly in one song and tender in the next, which shows why they are so unique!

July 24, Steve Charney—Steve has been a nut for a very long time. A magician, ventriloquist, author, musician and songwriter, Steve hosts a family radio program featuring original comedy sketches and songs.

July 31, Billy Jonas Band—In sing-alongs, bang-alongs and whisper-alongs—Billy's primary instrument is you! Concerts begin with simple tuning of the audience; from there a whimsical path carries listeners through stories of life, love and family. Be prepared to sing, clap and dance!

While you are still humming the tune of your favorite song, check out a bird's eye view of life with Eagle Creek Park's new Ornithology Center located on the north end of the park's property along Eagle Creek Parkway. Flutter along through the interactive kiosks, nest at the simulated pond and nature room and marvel at the birds from the watch room overlooking Eagle Creek Reservoir.

If discovery is your middle name, you won't want to miss the Earth Discovery Center in the heart of the park. Explore what lives and breathes in the trees and on forest floors of Indiana. This state of the art learning laboratory transports you out of the classroom and into the live native animal and plant world of the Park. With a full functioning wet lab and naturalists on hand to answer your earthly questions, you will build memories that will last a lifetime.

If you want to make some waves, splash around at Eagle Creek Beach and Plunge Harbor. Where else can you slide into 1400 acres of water? And parents, you will love burying your toes in the sand as you watch the kids cool off from the heat of the sun.

There is so much to do at Eagle Creek Park that we know one visit won't be enough. Make plans to join our new concert series in the Park and bring your adventure shoes. This will be a summer of family fun you won't want to miss.

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