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Museum Note

Prepare . . . to . . . Rock . . . at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis!

New Exhibit Rock Stars, Cars and Guitars Opens June 12

June 01, 2010
Get ready for an all-star summer as The Children's Museum of Indianapolis presents its hottest new exhibit, Rock Stars, Cars and Guitars! From Chuck Berry to the Beatles, from Glam Rock to Grunge, rock 'n' roll has shaped American pop culture and rock performers have dazzled us with their sounds and styles.

Opening June 12, Rock Stars, Cars and Guitars will immerse families and children into music. Go into the Studio, experience the Concert Stage, and enjoy star-gazing as you check out some of rock 'n' roll's coolest costumes, "axes" and rides!

Rockin' Things to Do!

Get in the groove; there is so much to check out! Families and children can:

• Explore the Recording Studio, and listen to music.

• "Twist and shout" on the Concert Stage. Dress up like a rock star!

• (Even a "tiny dancer" can) take part in Stage Presence 101, and learn some signature rock star moves.

• "Work it on out" as you design your own album cover.

• "Come together!" Share memories of concert experiences, and discuss musical tastes.

Rockin' Things to See!

When rock stars take the stage, they do it in style! Rocks Stars, Cars and Guitars features some amazing artifacts, including:

• Elvis Presley's tiger jumpsuit, worn in Indianapolis during the final concert of his career.

• A guitar autographed by rock 'n' roll legend Chuck Berry.

• A Fender® guitar played by John Lennon.

• Roy Orbison's slick little red Corvette® (1961).

• Signature costumes worn by members of heavy-metal favorite band KISS.

• The Beatles' autographed gold record for "I Want to Hold Your Hand."

• Fantastic fan memorabilia, including autographed album covers, and ticket stubs from Indy concerts by Elvis Presley and The Rolling Stones.

So come visit The Children's Museum this summer as we rock the house!

Chad Mertz is Public Relations Coordinator for The Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

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