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September 01, 2010
Cool It Card Game

The Union of Concerned Scientists have made their calculations and secured their pocket protectors to bring the people (ages 8-adult) an engaging card game addressing global warming. Teachers and homeschoolers will appreciate the online Teachers Guide. The 77 sturdy cards are divided into three categories: Solution Cards, Problem Cards and Special Cards. The idea is to find practical ecological solutions to combat real life problems like oil dependence and urban sprawl. The game is manufactured using recycled paper and vegetable-based inks. www.ucsusa.org/coolit $7.95

Spilt Milk & Cookies Inspirational Quotes

"Kind words can be short, but their echoes are endless" –Mother Teresa. Spilt Milk & Cookies answers the call for inner peace with these inspirational quote cards. More than a dozen varieties such as "foodie", "hero" and "giggle." Each made in the USA box contains 36 cards, printed on recycled card stock and comes with a wooden stand. Perfect thoughtful and thought-provoking gift. www.spiltmilkandcookies.com $14.00

Kamibashi String Doll Gang

These hand-crafted in Thailand 2-3" string characters come on a keychain with double sided tag that explains their individual special power. "Dexter," for instance, helps you fly through your homework. He has a big head with wire glasses, checkered pants, geeky part and seed beads for teeth. "String Blade" looks like a hard-core roller derby girl with the power to jam past the pack. All keychain styles have a heavy duty lobster claw clasp. Kamibashi also offers smaller magnetized Original String Doll Gang. www.kamibashi.com $10.00

Ayala's Herbal Water

Craving a zero calorie drink that doesn't contain artificial sweeteners or preservatives? Ayala's Herbal Water is a flavorful option when looking to hydrate without compromise. This new concept in flavored water is a delicious upgrade from plain h2o by artfully pairing complimentary herbs and infusing them into purified water. The Lemongrass Mint Vanilla flavor is delicate, yet flavorful, and leaves a refreshing feeling in your mouth. Six varieties total, best in a flight (many small samples). www.herbalwater.com Size & Price: 16oz, $2+

Noodle & Boo Play-Date Sunscreen

Tested on a play date in 90-degree weather, this boutique-style sunscreen performed beautifully. Though a little pricey and not completely all-natural, this silky sunscreen protected a small army of sweaty, adventure bound preschoolers without complaint. The application of the SPF30 cream went smooth, rubbing in evenly without a greasy feel. Although it says it is unscented, it had a very pleasing faint, natural smell that gently lingered on the Kids. www.noodleandboo.com 4oz, $22

Noodle & Boo Reed Diffuser

This delicately scented, faintly purple concoction in this simple reed diffuser channels feelings of cuddling a new baby while eating vanilla ice cream. If that sounds good to you, then you will enjoy the notes of peaches and cream with berries and honey. Perfect bridal, blessingway or baby shower gift. It comes attractively packaged and you simply open the vessel then insert and arrange the small skewer-like bamboo reeds. The oil is absorbed into the reeds and dispersed into the air. Of course, please remember to keep out of reach of little ones. Available online or at Nordstrom. www.noodleandboo.com 3.4 oz, $36

Tees for Change

We like this T-shirt company that not only spreads peace and well-being with its inspirational message tees, but also because with its partnership with Trees for the Future, they plant a tree for every T-shirt you purchase. Shirts are made with environmentally-friendly bamboo (70%) and organic cotton (30%). Comfy, well shaped and they wash nicely, too. Men's, women's and plus-sized shirts, as well as jewelry and handmade journals. www.teesforchange.com $32-$34

Love at First Bite: the Unofficial Twilight Cookbook

Even if you don't consider yourself a Twi-Hard (hardcore Twilight Fan), you may enjoy this genre-specific culinary guide. Considering the main characters in the Twilight series of movies and books rarely eat, there are a wide variety of recipes to pull from. 100+ pages of concoctions with Twilight-appropriate names such as Lion and the Lamb Stew, Jasper Cocktail or Charlie's Catch of the Day Crab Cakes. The book is broken into sections dividing courses and beverages. Also comes with a party planning guide, quotes from the books/movies, trivia quiz and other Twilight treats. While the recipes are not gourmet nor particularly inspired, they are Twilight-inspired, and that's good enough for me. www.unofficialtwilightcookbook.blogspot.com $14.95

Gear Ties

How can an inconspicuous, flexible and colorful object become something you always wish you had more of? Gear Ties are reusable rubber twist ties that come in a variety of colors and sizes. They are very affordable and have a useful purpose for every room in your home, not to mention your car, boat or office. Organizing computer or TV wires, marking wine glasses at a dinner party and even as a creative plaything, the uses for this simple yet innovative product are only limited by your imagination. Indefinitely reusable and made in the USA. Available September 1 at Menard's stores nationwide. www.geartie.com $4.99-$6.99

The Green Year by Jodi Helmer

Season by season and day by day, this book suggests small, inexpensive things you can do to be more mindful of the earth and each other. This September 20th (or today) consider reusing a 20-ounce water bottle in your toilet tank. Simply fill and sink it in the tank portion if you do not already have a low-flow toilet. The added volume will reduce how much water is refilled and thereby used when you flush making it a simple and inexpensive thing you can do to save water and your budget! Each page of the book not only gives the date and an eco-suggestion, but also a space to record an alternative to the suggested idea that works better for you. Printed on recycled paper and practicing what she preaches, the author emphasizes that "the small things add up." To Helmer, I say bravo. www.green-year.com $14.95

Mom's Best Naturals Cereals

Perusing the cereal aisle at the grocery can be overwhelming and expensive. Narrow your search today to include the Mom's Best Naturals line of kid-, budget- and earth-friendly varieties. The company is based in Minnesota and has been family owned for four generations. Both all-natural and wholesome, the production of these cereals is powered by wind energy. You'll soon find yourself obsessed with the Mallow-Oats (as in marshmallows, of course) or Toasted Cinnamon Squares. Each serving has 10 grams of whole grain and you won't find any high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) anywhere. A bonus? These cereals cost 20-50% less than popular national brands and other natural and organic brands. Cheaper, better tasting, good for you and ecologically mindful—sounds like a recipe for success! www.momsbestnaturals.com $2.29+

HABA Baby Toys

If you consider baby toys with flashing lights and electronic sound an all out assault, then you will adore HABA Toys extensive line of clutching toys, rattles and pacifier chains. The Jingle Train clutching toy is a flexible ring of beech and maple carved pieces perfect for teething or entertainment. It has a little jingle bell and train segments that have been detailed with non-toxic paints and stains. The gentle chime of the bell intrigued our "little tester" and mom was impressed by the quality construction, too. Why buy BPA-loaded plastic toys when you can own or give a thoughtful, all-natural plaything from a German company that has been delighting children since 1938? Available at www.oompa.com $13.99

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Kelly Huff is our resident Eco-Mod Mom. She is a professional chef turned stay-at-home mom who enjoys introducing her children to a variety of culinary delights and living life as organically and eco-friendly as possible. Want to suggest local artisans, organic ideas and products or culinary delights? E-mail her today!

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