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Mommy Magic

Halloween Isn't Just for Kids

Adventures in Costume-land

October 01, 2010
Halloween is closing in and will be here before we know it. As moms, you know that Halloween costumes are a big deal. Since my birthday is on Halloween, I am a big fan of Halloween festivities — prepping of the costume, carving pumpkins, hay rides, bonfires — all of it takes me back to when I was a kid. With that being said, I love everything about Halloween costumes. It may sound silly, but isn't Halloween the only holiday that we, as adults, can join in on the fun? I happen to think so. So much, in fact, that we host a Halloween party for kids and their parents every year.

In our family, the tradition for Halloween consists of my kids picking out my husband's Halloween costume. My girls think about it for weeks, giggle about it at night as we get them into their pajamas – the anticipation of what their Dad is going to dress up as is almost as fun as seeing him in the actual costume. Then, the eventful day comes when they all go to the party store and pick it out together. I am not crafty, I admit it, so while making one from scratch would be ideal, it just isn't in my realm of talent. Yes, I am a fan of the party store costume. Every year my girls surprise him with their carefully selected Halloween costume to transform "Daddy" into whatever they have selected. My husband has gone as a sumo wrestler (you know the zip up costume), a cowboy, a race car driver, a pirate (the Pirates of the Caribbean version, of course) and this year — Elvis, with jumpsuit, wig and all. It's our tradition and it's loads of fun.

With that, I thought I would get in on the Halloween costume action. Always spending so much time running around and getting my three girls' costumes completed, I never seem to find the time to get a fun costume to wear. As the one responsible for everyone else's costumes, there is no specific event to pick out one for me. Am I bitter about it? No. Am I empowered by it? Temporarily. So, feeling empowered and satisfied that I am going to wear something other than my staple witch's hat this year for our Halloween party, I venture into the local party store.

As I start scanning the wall of options, I quickly realize that Halloween costumes for women have changed over the past few years. Have you noticed? As I pace the aisle in disbelief of my options, I am wondering if I'm just really old or are these costumes just really trashy? I mean, as a mom of three little girls, I was not looking to be a smutty nurse or a "bad" cop. The witch selection has even gone R-rated. This is a PG-rated family party, for goodness sake! I am not trying to pick up at it or anything. When did trashy, boobs-popping-out-of-your-costume go mainstream for moms during Halloween?

Standing in the aisle, obviously talking out loud to myself about this issue, my six-year-old daughter gives me a word of hope by exclaiming, "Mom, you shouldn't wear one of these costumes." Mind you, I almost told her to cover her eyes as we glanced at unending (and unnerving) rows of lingerie, er, I mean "costumes." Feeling for a moment that she understood my plight, she continued, "You should just wear Dad's sumo wrestler costume from last year." Perfect! Just what I needed to hear! I pulled myself together and walked out of the store with my chin up having decided to wear my trusty witch's hat after all. That is, until some smart mom starts making great costumes that are not in a junior sizes and actually covers my cleavage. With that being said, I surrender to accept that it is not the costume that makes the mom, but the mom who makes the costume! Happy Halloween!

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Mary Susan Buhner is a Life Coach for Moms and author of "Mommy Magic: Tricks for Staying Sane in the Midst of Insanity." Visit her Web site at www.Mommy-Magic.com.

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