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Pole to Pole

Exhibit, Polar Bears to Penguins, Open Until January 2, 2011

November 01, 2010
Polar Bears, penguins, and ice, oh my! Come to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis and you can learn about all three right now in the latest exhibit, Polar Bears to Penguins. Explore Earth's polar extremes and the current science being undertaken there.

This multimedia exhibit offers a unique learning experience for the whole family. Polar bears and penguins live in frigid climates, but how they each experience them can be very different. Families will be amazed to find out how big icebergs are, what bird migrates from pole to pole, and the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth. Discover the surprising differences between the polar regions.

In the Polar Bear Lab, visitors can learn about the world's largest land predators and their natural habitat. Explore the Arctic region and learn what type of animals polar bears hunt to survive. Compare your weight to that of a polar bear and check out polar bear fur under a magnifying lens. Test your knowledge with the Arctic Animal Quiz and use real specimens to learn more about the animals that inhabit this frigid environment.

In the Antarctic, learn to walk and slide like a penguin! Children can dress in a penguin suit and learn why penguins are black and white. While in the Penguin Lab, take a look at a real penguin skeleton and study their feathers under a microscope. It's a race against time as you gather food for your baby penguins in the "Feed the Chick Game." Find out why penguins spend so much time in the water and what they hunt in their frosty environment.

Children can discover the science behind the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis, including why they make such beautiful light displays. Explore the poles through the eyes of the famous explorers who took great risks to see them. See the videos and images from the expeditions of some of the most famous explorers including Amundsen, Cook, and Peary. Follow the illustrated timeline of the expeditions from the 1700s to the present day.

Polar Bears to Penguins was developed by Science North in Sudbury, Canada. Funding for the exhibit was made possible by the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, and the Government of Canada through FedNor and the Canadian Heritage programs. Their team is dedicated to developing exhibits that explore science in a unique and interactive way for all to enjoy.

Make sure to bring your explorers to The Children's Museum for this fun and interactive exhibit before it leaves Jan. 2, 2011.

Christina Morse, Public Relations Intern for The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

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