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Soak Up the Summer
May 01 2014
What’s not to love about summer? Longer days, loads of sunshine and an abundance of fun things to do! ...
In This Issue
May Fun in Downtown Indy
May 01 2014
Runners: start your engines! With the big race just around the corner, let your little ones have a ...
Preschool and Kindergarten “Readiness”
Apr 01 2014
That tiny baby you held in your arms a few years ago is growing up. Once so helpless, your child now ...
Top Picks
April Rainy Day Fun Guide
Apr 01 2014
Rain, rain, go away? After you see this list of amazing, affordable activities, you might just want ...
In This Issue
Happy Birthday Spring!
Apr 01 2014
Spring has finally sprung! After our third snowiest winter in history, it’s time for some sunshine ...
100 Days of Summer
Strawberry Picking at Your Favorite Farm
Pick your own produce at your local farm! Berry plants are low to the ground, so it's an easy and fun ...
Hi Mamma Crafts
Felted Heart Bookmark
The beginning of November 2010, our family decided to take on the handmade challenge. What does this ...
Hi Mamma Crafts
Coffee Filter Butterfly’s
The Hi Mamma home is very much an art/craft household. Believe it or not, we converted one of our rooms ...
Response to Monthly Calendar
To the Indy's Child Publication Editor: I would like to share that I look forward to reading Indy's ...
January 01, 2011
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