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Good Intentions

Making the Most of the New Year

January 01, 2011
One of the best things about ringing in the New Year is that "Clean Slate" you should grant yourself. This new start challenges you to try harder at the things you do or ought to do. Maybe it is an opportunity to practice forgiveness and give a fresh start in a personal relationship that has been strained for reasons you may not even remember.

As for me, my New Year's resolutions always include dieting, being on time and finishing things that I start. Unfortunately, I still lag at all of the above, but I have been more successful at being on time.

The Jordan Y has been helpful on my dieting resolution by offering lots of activities I really enjoy. In December, they offered a challenge: deposit $10 and if you don't gain any weight over the holidays, you earn $25 Y bucks. Those Y bucks are good for many different classes or personal training. I joined the challenge in early December and my weigh-in is the first week of January, so I will let you know my success story. Maybe the Y has a great idea, control your weight during the toughest times and then if you don't lose at least you will feel satisfied that you didn't gain. Maybe the goal of not gaining weight seems redundant, but it helps keep us on a positive weight management journey.

I would love to encourage our readers to take a more active roll in the education of their children. Volunteer at your child's school! In giving time to your child's school, you let the staff and teachers know you really care about their efforts. Your reward is better communication with teachers and your own child being proud of the role you have chosen.

Make this year a "book year." Going to the library has never been more rewarding. You may love ordering your books through your Kindle, but your children need to explore the library shelves and chose books that develop their own interests. Your children can take out a stack of books at the library and peruse them at their own leisure. Maybe it isn't so important that they write book reports about each book. What is more important is that they become independent readers and that the habit of reading is encouraged. Do help them keep track of their books so returning them to the library or school doesn't become a challenge.

Do check the Internet for your library's hours, other programs and classes they offer. Indianapolis Marion County Public Library has a wonderful web site (www.imcpl.org) and can also be used for homework help (click on "Just For Kids" on the left).

A very Happy New Year to all of our Indy's Child families. May 2011 bring only the best of Health and happiness to your family. May you be totally successful with your Good Intentions! Share your success stories with other Indy's Child readers!

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Barbara Wynne is the founding publisher of Indy's Child Magazine.

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