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The Children's Museum of Indianapolis—Better than Ever!

February 01, 2011
It was wonderful to see parents and children interacting at so many of exhibits at The Children's Museum. We have always said the Children's Museum is for children of all ages and I am living proof that senior citizens can have a great time learning right along with the grandkids.

I took 17-year-old Korey, Meg, Jane and Lucy, 11, 10 and 7 respectively and we spent an afternoon at the museum together. Korey has been to Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam and had read her diary but had never seen the re-creation at the Children's Museum. She really appreciated the opportunity to listen to her diary, look and listen to the history of the Second World War and appreciate what all of the families who hid Jewish citizens went through in those unforgettable times. It gave her a much greater appreciation of the book she had read and her visit to her house in Amsterdam.

We all had a great visit at the Barbie exhibit, as well. It was a fantastic opportunity to be a fashion designer and learn the history behind how Ken and Barbie were created. There were great staff members on hand to tell you the history of old and new dolls, but the greatest enjoyment came from creating our own Barbie ensembles and using the models and fabric to be creative with our own new designs. Naturally, there was a runway and a lot of mirror to allow the 'tweens to pretend they were world-class models in their creations from the dress-up corner.

Another favorite moment in the Barbie exhibit came from watching a father actively involved in helping his daughter design her own outfit. The interaction between the two of them was one of love and adventure. "Let's try something new together."

My grandkids also enjoyed visiting Ryan White's exhibit. They decided to participate in the movie with him and took turns directing and reading the script and, of course, watching themselves on the monitor.

We bid goodbye to Jolly Days on our way out and watched the children have a snowball fight. They were intent and the staff member monitoring the action was in total control! There were more than 30 participating and all were having fun.

To everyone reading Indy's Child, remember that you will always see something new at the Children's Museum each and every time you visit. My grandchildren want to go back to see the Egypt exhibit because we didn't have time to see and do everything we had planned! I am so glad I renewed my Grandparent Status membership as it promises to provide us with many more exciting and fun-filled afternoons.

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Barbara Wynne is the founding publisher of Indy's Child Magazine.

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