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Costumes Are Incredible!

New Exhibit Opening at the Children's Museum

March 01, 2011
Encouraging a preschooler to play dress up is usually as easy as bringing out a box of scarves, hats and other old clothes. A simple blanket becomes a dress fit for a princess or a cape worthy of a superhero and a hat might suddenly turn your darling little one into a daring cowboy or cowgirl capable of roping your furniture with a jump rope. Through the simple act of putting on a different outfit, preschoolers can become entirely different people.

Much like dressing up helps preschoolers to imagine and play, actors use costumes to help visualize their role. By putting on a costume, they begin to feel like the character they are going to play,enabling them to give their best performance. This spring break The Children's Museum is bringing this same concept to visitors in its newest exhibit, Incredible Costumes from Film and TV!

In Incredible Costumes your little ones will be able to view costumes from many well-known film and television series including the pointy hat of the Wicked Witch of the West from 1939's The Wizard of Oz, the Caped Crusader costume from Batman & Robin (1997) and the reptilian Gorn from Star Trek (1966). In addition to viewing some famous costumes, children and families visiting Incredible Costumes will learn what goes into creating a costume, what actors and actresses do to help become that character and why a great costume is an important part of the story-telling process. And of course, no visit to an exhibit about costumes would be complete without the opportunity to play a little dress-up of your own. Adult and child-sized costumes will be available to create characters for your own family.

Incredible Costumes from Film and TV comes to The Children's Museum from Seattle's Experience Music Project|Science Fiction Museum. This traveling exhibit features many science fiction and fantasy costumes, and The Children's Museum is adding to this exhibit with pieces from its own collection including a Superman cape from Superman: The Movie (1978) and a green dress worn by Penny Marshall on Laverne & Shirley (1976-1983).

This spring break, your family will enjoy entering a world of fantasy and make-believe when visiting Incredible Costumes from Film and TV. This exhibit will be open March 12 through May 8 at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

Organized by the Experience Music Project|Science Fiction Museum, Seattle, Washington.

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