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March 01, 2011
Do you know how many Indy Parks we have in Marion County? If you don't, you're not alone. Most people guess the number is between 20 and 100. Everyone is amazed to learn the real number is 207 parks and we are still growing! Some of our smaller neighborhood Parks are less than 0.1 of an acre, such as the Hot Shot Tot Lot. Other parks which we call our Regional Parks have hundreds to thousands of acres, like our oldest park, Garfield Park, and our biggest park at Eagle Creek. No matter whether they are big or small, they all offer a unique style and help us serve a vast county with passive and recreational opportunities to enjoy green space.

Many parks are equipped with playgrounds, pools, spray grounds, shelters, grills, trails, tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer fields, family centers, dog parks, memorials ….and, of course trees, prairies, woodlands, and flowers. All the better to serve you and the creatures, birds, butterflies, and plants that call Indiana home too.

That's why we want to challenge you to experience and learn more about your parks. This year is a special year to celebrate over 100 years of parks. One hundred years ago George Kessler gave us a vision for a Park and Boulevard system and this has grown into what you see today.

We are giving you a challenge: Visit and learn about 100 parks in our system. You will be amazed at what is just around the corner from your front door, or near your school, or part of your greenway corridor.

Register and then download the challenge worksheet from our website, www.indyparks.org, or pick one up at our facilities. It is easy to do. A challenge might take you to Bertha Ross Park on the northwest side of Indianapolis to find what is written on their plaque; or to Holliday Park to discover a marvelous marble ball rolling on a sheet of water. Some of the challenges can be found with a little research or by talking to Indy Parks staff. But every challenge is fun and will give you a little more information about your great Park system. Start your Spring Break vacation with this adventure and continue throughout the year.

What will you receive if you complete the challenge?

1. A Certificate of Accomplishment

2. An Indy Parks picnic blanket (for the first 100 families to complete the challenge)

3. A deeper understanding and appreciation for the resources Indy Parks offers to the citizens

But wait! Don't stop there! We challenge you to have fun with fitness and walk, run, bike or swim 100 miles! Indy Parks has almost 120 miles of greenways and soft trails, not to mention lap lanes at our aquatics facilities where you can really swim for miles. So take the challenge to go a hundred miles, whether you use the Franklin Township Community Park walking trail or the Monon Trail, you will have fun, celebrate 100 years of Parks, and get in shape all at the same time.

Learn about 100 Year Celebration, these challenges and more at www.indyparks.org.

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