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The Mom Oath

In honor of mothers everywhere

May 01, 2011
In preparation for writing my column for this issue, I was thinking about why I love Mother's Day. Of course, I was vacuuming my house while I was contemplating this very notion.

I always get to sleep in on Mother's Day and I love catching up on sleep, but that wasn't it. My kids always bring me breakfast in bed and I love their thoughtfulness, but that was not it either.

After I unplugged my sweeper and started to wind up the cord, it dawned on me that I think I love it because my family actually stops for a day and expresses their appreciation. It is not the gifts that get to me, but rather their appreciation for what I do on a daily basis as a mom.

Typically, as moms, we make it all look like no big deal. It is a big deal though. A very big deal. It got me thinking that rather than waiting for the one day a year that is designated to moms and feeling appreciated and special, we need to do it more on a regular basis. We need to remind ourselves that we are in fact, awesome!

So in honor of moms everywhere, I wrote The Mom Oath. I hope you get a grin from reading it and remember how very awesome you are! Happy Mother's Day!

The Mom Oath

Why take an oath, you ask? To take an oath means to swear solemnly or vow. Lawyers take an oath to practice law, we take vows when we get married promising to be faithful for better or for worse. Perhaps we should take an oath (to ourselves) as mothers. If such a formal oath existed, I would hope it would go something like this:

Today I tried my best. Although I feel exhausted and sometimes defeated by the time I have put away the laundry for the 84th time, I vow to celebrate how awesome I am as a mom. No need to focus on the fact that I have not gone to the bathroom alone in years – I am awesome. I believe that staying up until midnight labeling every item of clothing my child owns before she goes to camp will make a difference before they trash their "camp clothes" – I am awesome. I will not feel guilty that my kids have only consumed chicken nuggets and mac n' cheese the past two weeks – I am awesome. I believe that starting my Christmas shopping for my kids in July is not crazy, but a necessity in order to get it all done by December – I am awesome. I vow not to get depressed and shake my head when it takes them 1.2 seconds to unwrap all the Christmas gifts I so lovingly wrapped – I am awesome. I will not allow the fact that my college degree is being put to use as a chauffeur (without any tip) – I am awesome. I promise that sounding like my mother when I discipline my kids doesn't make me feel like I am losing my mind – I am awesome. I vow to let go of the notion that perfection can be maintained everyday - I am awesome. I will, from this day forward, enjoy the moments of perfection and celebrate the magic of life's imperfections - I am awesome. I vow to NOT be so hard on myself each day - I am awesome. I will try when I go to bed each night to think of all the 384 things I did RIGHT as a mom today vs. the ONE thing that I did WRONG today - I am awesome. I vow to try to laugh more and be stressed less - I am awesome. Most of all, I will promise to believe in myself, for I know little eyes are watching me, and in order to teach them that they are awesome, I must first believe that I AM AWESOME!

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Mary Susan Buhner is a Life Coach for Moms and author of "Mommy Magic: Tricks for Staying Sane in the Midst of Insanity." Visit her Web site at www.Mommy-Magic.com.

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