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Some Dreams Really Come True

A brief history of Indy's Child

July 01, 2011
I was in Austin, Texas attending Todd and Linda Lugar's wedding in 1983, when I picked up a copy of Austin's Child at the Local airport. I fell in love with the concept of a parenting paper to help families provide the very best of opportunities for their children. I wanted Indianapolis to have such a publication. It became a dream of mine the minute I saw it.

Back in the 1980s, desktop publishing was not available to the average person. Our first issues of Indy's Child were typeset and pasted on a grid on a lighted box. It was tedious and there was little room for error. To be honest, I was in over my head!

Fortunately my daughter, Mary, and her friend, Peggy Baxter, had just graduated from college and any pathway to employment seemed the right calling.

With great pride I give all the credit to 27 years of dedicated Indy's Child staffers in building both a reader and advertiser's base for our publication. I thank them for using modern technology, networking with the other 170 similar parenting papers to constantly improve the look, content and the goals of my dream.

My how things have changed today! E-Blasts, coupons, contests, sponsorships, partnerships, a Web site that is a constant update to the paper. It is all beyond my wildest dreams!

Today, you are reading a new format of Indy's Child. The new design and updated technology are producing the best of parenting information for our readers.

Thank you Indy's Child Staff for making my dream come true! Your new look is a tribute to your seeking excellence.

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Barbara Wynne is the founding publisher of Indy's Child Magazine.

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