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This Grandmother Has Plenty of Thanksgivings

Being thankful and counting blessings

November 01, 2011
I know that Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday! It is a true time of family values and sharing. One of the truly beautiful parts of Thanksgiving dinner is that everyone wants to bring their favorite traditional dish. At our home, that might be sauerkraut, more than just pumpkin pie and a spirit of rejoicing in every morsel and every prayer and toast.

As a grandmother I am thankful for my family, for the opportunity to be a wife and mother, share the lives of our 17 grandchildren, and mentor many children, both past and present. My family also includes my brother and sister and their families and how fortunate I am to see them both each and every month. We make it a priority to share this togetherness.

I am thankful to grow spiritually through my church and enjoy the fellowship of the "Joy of Living" Bible study each week. Nourishing my well-being is through more than exercise, it is through my faith, family and friends!

I am thankful to be an American and to vote for my choice of candidates without fear. I believe in our democratic system and rejoice in being part of the solution! I am happy that the families can choose between public, private, charter schools or do their own home schooling. That is true freedom…the ability to choose what is best for your family. I am thankful for the public sector of our community who serve us so well. I am thankful for all the volunteers who serve on civic and charitable boards for giving of themselves to others. Time is a treasure and a resource that we must all appreciate!

I am thankful that I recognized the need for Indy's Child and for the years of devoted staff members who have developed its concept. Special thanks to advertisers and the community for supporting it for 27 years!

I am thankful for all the not-for-profit organizations Indy has to help serve the needs of others and the blessings they provide for all of us by nurturing the arts and cultural side of Indianapolis.

When I was at the Jordan YMCA recently, I stopped and read some things people were thankful for learning, I kept saying Amen!

Here are a few:

• I've learned you shouldn't do anything that wouldn't make your mother proud.

• I've learned that it is best not to wait for a crisis to discover what is important in your life.

• I've learned that you treasure your grandchildren for what they are, not for what you want them to be.

• I've learned that it's just as important to forget a wrong as it is to remember a kindness.

• I've learned that you shouldn't expect life's very best if you're not giving it your very best.

• I've learned I can't expect others to solve my problems.

I said Amen to ALL of the above.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be sure to count your blessings!

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Barbara Wynne is the founding publisher of Indy's Child Magazine.

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