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Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Presents The Greatest Show on Earth

A sneak peek of their newest show "Fully Charged"

November 01, 2011
Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages…the circus is coming to Indianapolis!

Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey will bring an all-new surge of circus entertainment seen only at The Greatest Show on Earth!

December 1 – 4, The Greatest Show on Earth will be at Conseco Fieldhouse to perform their newest show "Fully Charged" to you and your families.

Todd the Clown took time to chat with Indy's Child about the excitement and inside scoop of this year's show, and even painted the faces of some of our youngest fans.

"[This show] makes a connection because everyone lives by their cell phones, and their PSPs, and their DSIs, and the only way you can play them is when they are fully charged," Todd said. "We want to take the electricity that everyone is infusing in their lives and bring it to The Greatest Show on Earth."

"The Greatest Show on Earth is a combination of the classic and the updated, taking something that in this country, has been around longer than baseball, longer than Coca Cola, and giving everybody a chance to introduce their kids to a bit of living history," said Todd.

What You Can Expect

Twin Turbines of Steel

Excitement takes an extraordinary turn to new heights as the Fernandez brothers show off their stunts on the Twin Turbines of Steel. This high-speed, turbo charged spectacle is sure to make your hair rise.

"It's based on the Wheel of Death Act, but is amped up by putting two wheels of death together," Todd said. "It can look pretty dangerous!"

Taba and the Tigers

The world's most charismatic animal trainer and crowd favorite will illustrate his remarkable bond with the tigers at this year's show. Watch the tigers complete beautiful leaps and playful swats, and watch as Taba gets a little too close for comfort.

"Taba has an incredible relationship with the tigers, and he keeps the excitement with the crowd," said Todd. "This guy has energy in spades."

Stas and Vas

This power duo of clowns have been clowning around together for over 14 years, having both attended Circus School in Russia. These comic geniuses will keep the laughter flowing.

"They are both so incredibly talented, but also really, really funny, so I'm excited to have them on the show," said Todd.

Power-Up Party

When you arrive an hour before each show time, you are invited to join in the fun on the arena floor to meet the performers, animals, get autographs, circus tattoos and more.

Pre-Circus Event at Circle Centre Mall

Get the excitement started early on November 30 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Circle Centre Mall. Come enjoy the circus performers, and learn how to juggle. Also, the first 1,000 guests will receive a free clown nose!

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Behind the Makeup

Todd gave us a great look into this year's show, but we also got to find out a little bit about Todd the Clown, too...

Todd Zimmerman has had a love for the circus since his early childhood.

"My father loved the circus. He used to trade his services to set up seats to get tickets to the show. Since I was 9-months-old, I have gone to the circus every year."

After high school, Todd attended Clown College, in Wisconsin, home of the Ringling Bros.

"A lot of my classmates went to Harvard and Yale, and I went to Clown College," he said.

But don't be fooled, as Clown College isn't all a "joke".

"They only take 30 out of about 3,000 [people] who audition." You learn things such as pie throwing, stilt jumping, and learning how to make things funny in every day life.

When asked what he loved most about his clown profession, he replied, "There is nothing like the feeling of having 15,000 people laugh at something you do."

"Clown character comes from who you are."

Fun Facts About the Circus

The circus performers live on a mile-long train.

A full-time school teacher travels on board with the circus to teach all the kids.

There are many family acts in the show.

Many families on board are 8-10 generation circus performers.

The circus name is always the same, but each year it is a different show.

Clown make-up is designed to enhance a person's natural features.

The entire family can get something out of coming to the circus.

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