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Super Baskets of Hope Provide Unique Opportunities

7,000 Children to receive free, unlimited subscriptions to Musical DNA®

February 2012

I am looking forward to helping pack the Baskets of Hope with a bounty of Hoosier gifts on January 30. I am proud to be part of the team who has made possible the donation of 21,000 books featuring the amazing stories and accomplishments of the George Taliaferro, Billie Jean King and the late Arthur Ashe. These three books are part of a series of books being written for children ages 7-11 by the Helen Petersen's Hamilton County Community Tennis Association.

Another special enclosure in the Super Baskets of Hope is a musical component developed by Ken Lemons. In the above picture taken at Riley Hospital, you can see 9-year-old Riley Lesh enjoying one of the best parts of Riley Hospital: The Child Life Program. This program is one of the reasons that many Riley families call Riley the House that Love Built.

"It is the purpose of the Child Life staff to enable a child and their family to be a child in the hospital, not just a patient - to continue school, to play, to laugh, to paint, to make a puppet, to play an instrument, to sing a song," extols Dr. James Lemons. The Child Life Staff are all trained professionally.

Dr. Lemons is excited that his son, Ken, developed a music system that makes it possible to learn and understand music in an alternative way. You can see young Riley looking at a computer and relating the lesson to her keyboard. This encourages the new generation to transfer some of their computer and gaming experience to learn music in a method more technically friendly. This new method, Musicaldna.com combines the patented Musical DNA® technology with the Master Key® Method to visually decode music, transforming chords, arrangements into simple geometric shapes and colors. All of this is part of a computer driven program that unlocks the musical genius in the aspiring student.

Ken Lemons and John Wechsler are proud to donate 7,000 6-month subscriptions to this unique music education system, developed in Indianapolis, to the Super Baskets of Hope. In addition, MIDI Keyboards are being sent to the Child Life Programs at each Children's Hospital so children can try the new Musical DNA® technology.

To all visitors to Indianapolis, know that our Super City cares about your visit and wishes each of you a positive experience.

Barbara Wynne is the founding publisher of Indy's Child Magazine.

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