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March of Dimes

Local Jersey Mike's Sub Stores Support the Cause

March 2012

When Tim Fleischman of Indianapolis and his wife were told their baby daughter would be born nearly three months early, they were forced to face the possibility of lifelong health complications.

Despite the odds, their daughter is now living proof how March of Dimes can help to improve other newborn's chances of survival.

"March of Dimes is very near and dear to my heart as my daughter was born at 26 weeks," Fleischman said. "We basically spent three months in the NICU with her split between Indianapolis and the Children's Hospital at the University of Iowa, where she was born."

Becoming heavily involved with March of Dimes was not just a support group for the Fleischman family, but another outlet to bounce questions off people, he said.

"We could talk to other people that had been in our situation," he said. "It makes awareness not only about prematurity and babies; it's about developing research."

Wanting to give back to the charity that had given them so much, Fleischman decided to choose March of Dimes as Jersey Mike's charity of choice for 2012.

The owner of two out of three Local Jersey Mike's Sub stores, one off 82nd St. and another off 38th St., Fleischman said he wants to raise as much money as possible for them. Last year his 82nd St. store alone raised $2,500 for the Special Olympics, their charity of choice last year. The third location is on Georgetown Rd.

All three local Indianapolis stores will be accepting donations throughout the month of March. They will donate 50% of their profits on March 28th to the March of Dimes organization. Raising money for a great cause is what it is all about, he said.

This year March for Babies Indianapolis hopes to raise over $360,000 for research and community programs fighting premature birth, birth defects and infant mortality.

"When you are a new parent and you have never had a child before, you can have somebody you can contact and talk to that has been in the same situation. It makes it a lot easier to kind of control your emotions," said Fleischman.

Having the support and advice of experts is crucial, said Tim Arndt, state director of communications and marketing for March of Dimes Indiana Chapter. Having three kids of his own, he credits the nonprofit organization with helping his kids grow up healthy.

"Every baby born healthy has been touched by the March of Dimes, and that is our mission," he stressed.

The March of Dimes is the leading nonprofit organization for pregnancy and baby health. To find a local March for Babies, simply go to www.marchforbabies.org and search, and then sign up. The Indianapolis March for Babies is Saturday May 12 at White River State Park.

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