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A Beautiful Voice

16-year-old Julia Kahn takes center stage

April 2012

Since she was a little girl, Julia Kahn has been entertaining her family and friends with her singing. Now at age 16, she has already recorded a CD, and is continuing to amaze people with her beautiful voice. There is no question that Julia has a bright future ahead.

Julia is a student at Cathedral High School and has been attending vocal lessons at the Midwest School of Voice in Carmel, Ind. for over a year. Her vocal coach and owner of the school, Blair Clark, boasts about her talents.

"I love the tone in her voice, she has a very unique sound and that is the first thing I noticed when I heard her sing," said Blair about the pop-country singer. "Julia is a phenomenal kid and a real talented artist."

Not only does Julia have a gifted voice, she has a true passion for music, which is evident when she talks about her love for singing.

"I love everything about it," she said. "Once you get going, you get so into it, and let the music take you with it. It's such a great feeling."

In 2011, Julia was given an amazing opportunity with the help of Blair, to record an album in Los Angeles with the famous producer and dear friend of Blair's, Preston Glass.

Preston has produced records for stars such as Aretha Franklin, Kenny G, Lionel Richie and Whitney Houston, to name only a few.

"I called Preston and told him I had this phenomenal student, he said 'wow, she is good,''' said Blair. The two then began to write songs for an album, with Preston being the producer and co-writer, and Blair as her vocal coach, co-writer and co-producer.

When Julia found out she had this opportunity, she was overwhelmed with excitement. "I was so excited, but so scared," she said.

Julia soon flew out to Los Angeles with her family at her side. Her family is a major support system and has always been encouraging of her to follow her dreams.

Walking into the studio, Julia admits to being a little intimidated and nervous as Preston's gold and platinum albums hung along the studio walls surrounding her.

But she didn't let her nerves get the best of her. Blair described her as being a pro in the studio. "I watched her step up to every challenge and opportunity that came her way and do it with boldness and energy that seemed almost like a seasoned artist."

"Preston Glass and I were blown away. I've been in the business for 40 years and have never seen someone so committed and focused."

After a lot of hard work, Julia's album "Back to The Basics" was released. Julia said she couldn't have done it without the help from Blair and Preston and the constant support from her friends and family. The album is currently available on ITunes and CD Baby.

So what's next for Julia? A record deal would be amazing she said, but she is also having fun being a high school student, playing soccer, and seeing where the future takes her.

"I have so many different dreams, and would love singing as a career," she said. "I'm going to see where it takes me. I'm having fun with it, if I were to become famous, that'd be amazing."

Blair has high hopes for Julia, and said he sees a bright road ahead. "She's got the package. The look, the attitude, the poise. That's a package."

With Julia's talent and determination we are sure to be seeing more of her. Blair believes, "The sky is the limit!" And we believe so too.

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